The 1st Thread/S-Thread Runthrough For 1/9/13: No One Elected Into The Baseball Hall of Fame =

Photo of Cooperstown Hall of Fame (From Baseball Hall of Fame)

For only the 8th time in history and first time since 1996, no player will be going into the Hall of Fame, with Craig Biggio getting the closest number. 

It was expected but still telling that the Hall of Fame voters decided to have fake integrity and not allow Barry Bonds or Roger Clemons into the Hall of Fame despite never reporting on their steroids usage during the rise of PED in the 90's. 

The final vote tally: 

And the numbers for Clemons and Bonds.....Mark McGwire with 17%, and Sammy Sosa with 12.5%

More on this to come, stay tuned to The Whole Delivery. 
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