TWD Sunday Sports Thread #2 For 1/13/13: Dirty Dramatic Birds (Final Version)

Final: Falcons 30, Seahawks 28

Mike Smith and Dirk Koetter wanted and did blow that game for Atlanta with awful play calling in the 4th quarter, but Matt Ryan redeem them and himself with those two huge throws on that winning drive. 

But that was all Matt Bryant's heroic kicking that made the major difference on the day, and prevented Arthur Blank's franchise from another embarrassing early exit. 

Seattle's tremendous heart and competitive spirit couldn't overcome their lack of a pass rush today. The absence of Chris Clemons was felt all throughout the day, especially on the final drive. No pressure on Ryan gave him the ample space to throw and make it happen after letting the Seahawks back into it. 

Though Bryant's clutchness and Ryan's calmness with 28 seconds left will get the first thoughts, the offensive line play of the Falcons (Clabo, Konz, McClure, Blalock, and Baker) should get the major billing. They were elite today.  

Halftime Adjustments: Atlanta 20, Seattle 0
After an early mistake, Matt Ryan has been solid to lead an energetic Atlanta side (Photo From

1) The absence of Chris Clemons, as I thought, really is hurting this Seattle secondary. Most confusing however is Gus Bradley not aligning Earl Thomas in more pass coverage situations, as Kam Cancellor's weakness, pass coverage, is on display for Matt Ryan's enjoyment. Bradley has got to alter that. 

2) It was the first half of dominance for three of the most underrated defenders in the league. Jonathan Babineaux has been excellent, and so too have Sean Weatherspoon and Thomas Decoud. Add William Moore's excelent 4th down stop on Michael Robinson, and there it's been a Mike Nolan class display so far. 

3) Bruce Irvin, as Clemons's replacement, has to be placed in more advantageous situations to get pressure on Ryan, who after his early interception to Bobby Wagner, has had not to face any pressure.  
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