TWD Sunday Sports Thread #2 For 1/6/13: RGKnee Doesn't Take Shine From Seattle Victory (Final Version)

Final: Seahawks 24, Redskins 20 

Though all the headlines outside of Seattle will be on "The Knee", it was all about the perseverance though mistakes of this Seattle team that was the true difference in this game. 

The two 3rd quarter miscues of Lynch's fumble and WIlson missing Baldwin for two sure touchdowns could have made a young team think the day wasn't going to be theirs. Instead, Pete Carroll's ball club kept plugging away, and their fight lead to that trip to Atlanta they deserved. 

Halftime Thoughts: 

Really with all the momentum riding for Seattle, it's all about Russell Wilson not making any mistakes while keeping the pedal on the medal. Seattle survived the wave of emotion and dealing with how physical the Redskins are on the ground, and now have a growingly gimpy Griffin to deal with. 

It's going to be interesting to see if Griffin can find just another level to get through, but it's going to be up to London Fletcher and the defense to somehow make it hard for Wilson to see down the field and just prevent him from making full plays. 

Having Marshawn Lynch really does help so very much for Wilson, as that fumble recovery was just so great off of a potential game changing mistake. 

Can Griffin be effective against this fast physical Seattle defense. (Photo from

Keys to the Game:

Read option, read option, read option. It's the attack that many of the NFL's elite defensive ends could not solve when facing Robert Griffin this season. And though the Seahawks aggressive defense sees a version of it everyday in practice with Russell Wilson, no one operates with it fully like the Shanahans and Griffin.

Bruce Irvin, Chris Clemons, Earl Thomas, Bobby Wagner, and K.J. Wright are among the standouts for Pete Carroll's team who must recognize their responsibilities and stay disclipine.

On the end, a ravaged Redskins defense under Jim Haslett made be able to blit Tony Romo with some success  but have to mix it up perfectly today against the smart versatile decision and play making of Russell Wilson. Haslett called obviously blitzes last Sunday night, something that will not work today at all against the former Wisconsin and NC State star.

The secondary of the Redskins have improved as the season has gone on, but they are still susceptible to giving up huge plays. DeAngelo Hall needs to play to his strengths, but major mistakes must be avoided from Josh Wilson, Cederic Griffin, and Reed Doughty.


With all the injuries the Redskins have had this season, I think it's too just too much to deal with. Seattle 24-20. 
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