The S-Thread For 1/7/13: Four What's It Worth

Messi wins 4th Ballon D'Or

As expected and as should be, Lionel Messi has won his 4th FIFA Ballon D'or, with Ronaldo and Iniesta finishing as the bridesmaids.

Ridiculously enough, instead of at least 90% of the vote for a record 91 goal year, the Argentine legend (and new 60 Minutes feature star) only received a 41.60% majority. Sir Cristiano got a shade under 24% while Iniesta with the rest of the scraps. Some clowns hated Messi so much that they had him in third place, while some didn't even have him in the Top 3 (especially the Italy captain, who didn't even list him).

Despite the hate from ridiculous media figures, the magic of Messi just continues to grow, as he is certainly the favorite to win the title next January.

To save Ronaldo of more disappointed faces, they might as well create their own Lionel Messi Platinum Ball award just in case there's a need to let someone else win who is clearly second fiddle to the magical #10.

Ronaldo's dejected sad face as Messi wins again

As FIFA decided to hate the Premier League one again with their all Barcelona/Real Madrid plus Falcao Best XI (Marcelo was not better than Ashley Cole, though Cole wasn't better than Jordi Alba), you have to wonder what it would take for a non-La Liga player to be in the best team next year.

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