TWD Saturday Sports Thread For 1/12/13: The Ray Lewis Goodbye Tour Continues For Another Day

FINAL: Ravens 38, Broncos 35 (2/OT)

5 key post game points: 

1) Though Manning;s throw across his body that lead to Graham's second INT of the day gets the primary focus, Rahim Moore's awful neglect of his primary job as a deep safety was the most egregious of killer Broncos' mistakes today. 

2) Overlooked from Harris and Manning crucial errors was the Broncos lack of a pass rush all game long. With only one sack (and that came in overtime), Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil were just dominated today by Oher and Bryant McKinnie were great today along with Jim Caldwell making sure Flacco rolled out of the pocket enough. 

3) Hopefully the continued ridiculous talk of Joe Flacco not being clutch will end again, at least for a week. Regardless of how he performed his 2nd half of the season, he proved last January how clutch he was in the AFC title game. 

Though John Fox did him favors by running three straight downs and allowing him one last chance to extend Ray Lewis' career, Flacco never game up and trusted in his ability to at least air it out one more time. And boy did it pay off, with a major favor from Moore's blunder. 

Can Torrey Smith continue his day of dominance? (Photo from

Key Halftime adjustments:

1) Obviously, Champ Bialey cannot cover Torrey Smith today, who is showing why he is growing to an elite receiver. Jim Caldwell has been great with his play calling this afternoon. Mike Adams has to help Bailey in half #2.

2) Both teams have not been able to apply any pass rush on either Flacco or Manning. So key for either side to apply pressure on the signal callers, as neither team has been able to establish the run.

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