TWD Sunday Sports Thread For 1/13/13: 2012-13 NFL Playoffs NFC Divisional Round- Texans/Patriots (Halftime Version)

Halftime Adjustments: Patriots 17, Texans 13

1) When Brady had time today, he's exposed Barrett Rudd, Glover Quin, and Bradie James in pass coverage. Those three players must make those stops in open field in the 2nd half when the Patriots think they have matchup problems. JJ Watt has played as well as he can, but he needs Cody and Smith to help him out. So too Connor Baldwin when match up against Veereen and Ridley in key tackle situations. 

2) Rick Dennison must continue to show different run formations not near Vince Wilfork to give the Patriots young linebackers another thought about just crashing into the middle to stop the run. 

3) Matt Schaub has done a good job not making really bad throws, and he must continue to trust his checkdowns and not be predictable on any throws deep in the middle of the field. 

Once again, when it matters on third down, if you don't get any pressure on Tom Brady, you face the consequences. The absence of Gronkowski has long been forgotten about, as Hernandez has made enough plays. 

For the Texans to do what the Jets did two years ago and reverse a blowout regular season loss, Schaub must trust his check downs and expose the Patriots linebackers in pass coverage today. Garrett Graham and Owen Daniels will be so vital today, as both their blocking in two Tight end situations and pass catching have to be top notch for a win today.

Houston needs a big game from not only Schaub and their tight ends in the middle of the field today, but if they don't get pressure on Brady today, Glover Quin, Brandon Harris and Daniel Manning need to be immense in the middle of the field today. They were frankly terrible in Week 14, and must stay disclipine in coverage today instead of thinking on the run.

Shaun Cody and Antonio Smith have to get a push in the middle on Logan Matkins,  Dan Conolly, Donald Thomas while Connor Baldwin has to assist JJ Watt and get a rush on the inside to disrupt Brady.

Update: A total missed opportunity by the Texans there, as James Casey with a poor job on a sure touchdown. But already, exposing the Pats in the middle of the field coverage.

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