TWD Saturday Sports Thread For 1/26/13: The 2013 Australian Open Women's Final- Azarenka/Li (Preview Version)


Similar players, similar games, similar real, similar temperament. The similar tactics for these all court, forehand stable or unstable elite baseliners.

For Li:

1) Keep believing in your forehand. 
2) Attack Azarenka's 2nd serve relentlessly. 
3) Win the backhand battle.
4) Be a survivor to a closer. 
5) The crowd is behind you. Use them.

For Azarenka:

1) Believe in your forehand as well, get consistent depth.  
2) Be strong on your serve, placement is key. 
3) Be sound with your defense and get your backhand to her FH.
4) Use a drop shot at times, use it.
5) Win the backhand battle, dealing with the adversity. 

With both players playing in the night time conditions for the first time this tournament on Laver, it could take both of them a while to get accumulated. With that being said, Azarenka's game is just a little bit more stable when it comes to having to alter novel conditions, despite Li finding her best form right now. 

With having to usher in a "Me vs the world" mentality, I think Azarenka will do this in a 3-set terrific match and defend her title.  

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