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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Live Thread for 8/31/10: A Centrist Is A Centrist, Even On Iraq

It was the typical down the middle stuff from President Obama in his Presidential address tonight, where despite an obvious recognition of the history of events as always, the 44th executive chief continued to protect the previous Administration's screw ups and not tell the full narrative to the America public about our dumb wars.

Maybe the most salient moment of the address did not stem from talk about Iraq or relating its cost to how it has contributed greatly to our current pathetic economical situation. Rather, the comments he made on Afghanistan in regards to "conditions on the ground" being the bases on how fast the troop withdrawal will be is the one that should raise the most eyebrows in my mind.

It is the typical safe centrist crap answer, where we are beholden to the military complex no matter what. "Conditions on the ground" for withdrawal in Afghanistan could easily mean just a few troops leaving at a very slow pace. This will certainly give a smile to General Petraus, as wavering already on a serious withdrawal in a lost war from the President seems to be taken place.

Giving a nice little symbol of "draw down" to supporters is the plan, while their overall aspirations are far from getting a significant departure from Kabul and the cities around it.

Oh, and back to Iraq, there was not even a thought in Obama's mind about mentioning contractors to the American public. No explanation of how they will surge right back in Iraq and probably continue to do the reckless insane behavior they are quite known for. Let's replace the troops in Iraq with the mercenaries while we handle things in Afghanistan is the bright idea from our current government.

Boy was that address helpful or what, huh?

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Catch Up Thread For 8/30/10: Gallup Poll Shows Historic Numbers.....That Are Bad For Democrats

While the site hasn't been active today, here is what has transpired in the major headlines today.

I'm not one to follow polls vigorously, but some of them you just can't ignore. This Gallup poll of registered voters (the one that is much more accurate than the antiquated "likely voter" model) is not very good news for the Democratic Party and voter enthusiasm.

The ACLU has a powerful vote on the lawsuit to stop Obama's assassination plan:

Where in the hell is Jerry Brown? This guy is more invisible than Adam Smith's hand.

75% of US cases at Guantanamo Bay on suspected terrorists have been defeated. "What a surprise" when someone gets a fair trial down there....what a surprise.

They all want their Nevada man, including Joey Lie, to stay at the head of the House of Lords .

Certainly not one of Rick Sanchez's finer moments.

Goodness gracious, what was he thinking there?

And if they get some power again, guess what they are going to do with it ?

They never want to govern, even when they are earn power.

All the stuff that The Whole Delivery had to catch up on today.

The 2010 US Open Thread/Sports Thread #1 For 8/30/10: Day 1

The 2010 US Open has already commenced so far, as here is live coverage of the tournament.

While it would be a surprise if the likes of Federer, Nadal, Murray or even both Roddick and Djokovic fail to win the title on the men's side, the women's field does provide a very wide open feel with Serena Williams' freak injury caused by a beer bottle.

With how the draw has worked out, Caroline Wozniacki is snake bitten by drawing Maria Sharapova in the 4th round, while Kim Clijsters really should have a free run to at least the semis before she plays Victoria Azarenka (unless Venus Williams somehow shows ominous form, something really unlikely considering her time off and non clinical showings at the Grand Slams this year.) Jankovic is off form, Dementieva's week in New Haven a few days ago signifies her struggles, and Kuznetsova is Kuznetsova.

At fortnight's conclusion, regretfully, I think the Shriester that is Sharapova will take home her 4th Grand Slam (provides her nerves hold up when expectations start to weigh on her shoulders, something that has led to her cracking). On the men's side however, it will be a finally sweet first time for Andy Murray in my view.

Already, French Open champion Francescs Schiavone is the first winner of this year's main draw brackets, as she advanced in ease with 6-1, 6-0 demolition over Ayumi Morita of Japan. And Melanie Oudin kicked off her quarterfinal points defending campaign with a nice 6-3, 6-0 win over Olga Savchuk of Ukraine 6-3, 6-0. Both Oudin and Schiavone could meet each other in the 3rd round.

The live coverage to live tennis at Ashe Stdaium, Louie Armstrong, the Grandstand, and all those other courts on USOPEN.org.

The 1st Thread For 8/30/10: TWD Is Back!

It's been a few days of other issues and just trying to get some life things in order. But the site is back after a few days of little to no activity.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Flashback Fridays/The Summer Soul For 8/27/10: Zhane- Hey Mr. DJ (1993)

"Hey D.J. won't you play my song, ON, and ON, and ON, and ON!"

Your late Flashback Friday selection for the week from 1993, it's "Hey Mr. DJ!" from Zhane!

The 1st Thread For 8/27/10: Your Postracial Society Happily Continues

Little colored boy and girl, you are too dark to be our middle school class President, even in the year 2010 of our first black President.

Another great moment in "post racial America", brought to you by the state of Mississippi and this school titled Nettleton Middle School. Thankfully, the long time policy had the needed change.

A needed change deep in our "post racial society."

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 8/26-27/10: Mario Kart Comes To Life

This is amazing:

EMBED-Mario Kart Bike Lane Prank - Watch more free videos

Goodness, these laws are not just dumb, but just outright weird, including this:
In Southington, Connecticut, the sale of silly string is banned. Why? Because about 15 years ago, a group of kids sprayed a police officer with silly string. Seriously.

The largest hailstorm ever recorded .

Teens have replaced sleeping for texting , what a surprise Washington Post!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Catch Up News Thread For 8/26/10 (Final Edition): The Ad Of The Day

Positive ads don't get any better than this:

Mother of a child: "They wanted to close our schools. They didn't care what happened to us or our children." The camera then goes to a close-up of a child asking, "Where am I going to go if they close my school?" Back to the mother, who says, "I didn't have an answer for her."

Grayson: "My five children go to public school right here in Orlando. I fought for $200 million to save our schools for them and for all of us."

Children: Alan Grayson saved our schools."

Close: "I'm Alan Grayson, and I improved this message."
What more could be said about the messages this ad elicits to the public, especially Grayson "swing" district?

It clearly displays the political figure on the side of the people he represents, and doesn't throw an assortment of accomplishments and facts in a half-minute span. Not that accurate information about a politician's record isn't a bad thing of course, but the soul can sometimes be lacking from those efforts.

No lacking of warm sentiments can be said about this fine delivery from Grayson. And with how the nutcase party and the corporate media always try to frame him as angry and out of control in their continued fight to exploit any weakness in him, this former lawyer plays it smooth and natural by delivering a complete 180 from what they think of him.

Even the Washington Post had to give credit where credit is dude, as they labeled this 31 seconds of pure goodness their "Ad of the Day."

Commentary on this ad cannot go without mentioning how Grayson clearly emphasizes how his five children go to public schools. In current times where "Race to the Top" centrist nonsense facilitates the yearning for charter schools, it's encouraging to see an attention grabbing official give praise to our key source of education in this country.

And it's encouraging to see a positive, true ad like this from anyone, especially a diligent fighter like Grayson.

Maybe if he said "310 billion" tits, he would have gotten fired ?
But at the White House, Jennifer Psaki, the deputy communications director, said, “Alan Simpson has apologized and while we regret and do not condone his comments, we accept his apology and he will continue to serve.”
So his apology is good enough over Andrew Breitbart and Glenn Beck targets, huh? And he can continue to enthusiastically defecate all over Social Security, leading this proud Commission to messing with the healthiest social program arguably in the whole world?

Maybe next time, anybody that has a controversy brewing up like Shirley Sherrod and Van Jones needs to immediately switch to being a Republican (or have their names changed to Alan Simpson to make the controversy go away sooner).

That way, they will guarantee that all will be forgiven and that their good employment can happily continue.

Music Wakeup Call For 8/26/10: Drake feat Lil Wayne- Miss Me (2010)

The most low budget video for a supposed rising and establish artist/ Man, no wonder why the director was pissed:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

He Owes More Than 310 Million Apologies To Breasts

After placing himself at the top of the always competitive most chauvinist Republican nutcase list yesterday, the "tits" man shows penitence.
Alan Simpson apologized Wednesday for describing Social Security as "a milk cow with 310 million tits!" in an email to OWL executive director Ashley Carson.

Simpson's apology comes as pressure is mounting on the former Wyoming Senate Republican to resign his co-chairmanship of President Obama's deficit commission, which is considering cuts to Social Security.

The National Organization for Women called on him to step down Wednesday. "Alan Simpson is not fit to lead the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform," said NOW President Terry O'Neill in a statement to HuffPost. "The ugliness of his disrespect for women is matched only by his dogged determination to dismantle Social Security by cutting benefits or increasing the retirement age. The National Organization for Women urges President Obama to take a stand on this issue and replace Simpson immediately."

And in a public statement, AARP called Simpson's comment "offensive" and said that it "undermine[s] the serious work of the commission and give[s] us little confidence the commission can fairly look at important programs such as Social Security."
That's nice and all that he realized how big his gaffe was (because deep down inside he isn't sorry), but the bigger issue that should happen is him resigning from Obama's Catffod Commission.

Bernie Sanders and Peter Defazio have asked for his resignation.

Preferably for all rational parties in this whole mess, I just wish the Catfood Commission would all resign from touching a social security program that has no problems what it whatsoever.

In fact, I wish that if they didn't ask like a truly honest deficit commission, then that we abolish Obama's sneaky little operation for good.

Sports Thread #1 For 8/25/10: Crouching Tiger Peter Sends Spurs into Group Stages

Photo from Getty Images
Peter Crouch had a hat trick to help send Tottenham to an emphatic 4-0 over Young Boys, 6-3 on final aggregate.

Uruguay World Cup star Luiz Suarez 43th minute goal was a key event in Ajax 2-1 win over Dynamo Kiev to advance 3-2 on aggregate. Andriv Shevchenko gave the Ukraine side late hopes , but to no avail.

Momodou Cessay 18th minute strike was the icing on the cake for MSK Zilina, as they progressed past the Sparta Praha 3-0 on aggregate (1-0 on the night) to become the 3rd Slovakian side ever to be in the Champions league group stages.

Ireneusz Jelen stunning 53rd minute strike send Auxurre past Zenit St. Petersburg 2-0 on the night and 2-1 on final aggregate.

And Kobenhavn advanced passed Rosenborg in a tie affair with a 1-0 victory and winning the 2-2 aggregate on away goals.

The final 32 are set in the UEFA Champions League for the 2010-2011 season.

The Point Of Hiding Nothing

There wasn't much news in today's Wikileak leak of the CIA Red Cell document. And that was the main point, as Marcy Wheeler indicates.
Besides the obvious fact that the US has its own exported terrorists operating throughout the world for definite terror organizations from Al Qaeda to even an Irish outfit looking to take back Northern Ireland from Britain (go figure), the Wikileaks leak basically showed nothing except, well, everything.

How the US intelligence community over-classifies items is essential to seeing how they want to virtually keep everything they do or think secret nowadays, even the non-scattering juicy stuff.

But in this ever growing online world, they sure do look silly trying to do so.

Their Latest Victim Is One Of Mama Grizzy Bear's Chief Enemies

It really gave me great glee to see resident lobbyists spokesperson Lisa Murkowski seemingly on the verge of becoming the latest high profile Republican purged out of her party by those lovable tea bagging folks.

The story of the upset out of nowhere is made even more enjoyable when you see that the person delivering a defeat to the resident EPA--hating Murkowski is none other than a friend of one Ms. Refudiate.

The Chuck Norris look alike Joe Miller is the man that Palin backed with late robo radio calls to help in his primary against the incumbent, and it looks like that last minute facilitation was one of key victories in a shocking win.

No one expected this to even be competitive, including the Murkowski camp, until the final days.

Now, requiring a miracle from the absentee ballots, Ms. Big oil, big coal Lisa is headed to becoming an independent instead of being her party's representative in the general election. And making it even more of a bitter pill to swallow is how Palin, a person she hates with every fiber of her being, is behind all of this.

Oh what fun these tea baggers and the quitting governor are.

The Album Sales Review For 8/25/10: Still Under An Eminem Reign

With Katy Perry's new album coming into play, I expect this to be the last week that "Recovery" tops the charts. But it has been an awesome run to say the least:
While the Billboard 200 album chart's top 10 welcomes six debuts, none can push Eminem's "Recovery" out of the top slot (116,000 sold according to Nielsen SoundScan; down 12%). The set thus spends its seventh non-consecutive week at No. 1 -- the most weeks atop the list since Taylor Swift's "Fearless" strung together 11 non-consecutive frames in the penthouse in late 2008 and early 2009.

Maybe the story of the week though is the fact that ridiculously under the radar R&B throwback artist Elm is a terrific #2 on the charts despite virtually no backing.
Back on the Billboard 200 albums chart, R&B singer Kem claims his highest-charting set ever as "Intimacy" starts at No. 2 with 74,000. His last album, 2006's "Kem II," bowed at No. 5 with 140,000. His first set, 2003's "Kemistry," entered way down at No. 175 and ultimately peaked at No. 90.
This guy is the real deal as an artist:

Great stuff.

It was a week filled with new debuts hitting the top 10. Besides Kem, Ray LaMontague's "God Willin' and The Creek Don't Rise" at #3, Iron Maiden's "The Final Frontier" at #4, Trace Atkins "Cowboy's Back In Town" at #5, David Gray's "Founding" at #9, and John Mellancamp's "No Better Than This" at #10 also having their first weeks drop on the top ten. But those aren't numbers to jump for joy on.

The rest of the Top 10 includes Lady Antebellum's "Need You Know" at #6, Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs" #7, and Justin Bieber's "My World" at #8.

And those overall sales numbers are, as usual, dreadful:
Overall album sales in this past chart week (ending Aug. 22) totaled 5.06 million units, up 2% compared to the SoundScan-era low sum last week (4.95 million) and down 11% compared to the comparable sales week of 2009 (5.70 million). Year to date album sales stand at 190.2 million, down 12% compared to the same total at this point last year (216.8 million).

The 1st Thread For 8/25/10: What A Governor He Is

Photo from Robert Sciarrino/The Star-Ledger
He and his Administration don't even know the difference between 2009 and 2011, and have cost their state public money that they so vociferously hate but somehow vehemently need on the low.
fter making a high-profile bid for hundreds of millions of dollars in federal education reform money, New Jersey fell three points short of receiving "Race to the Top" funding, in part because of an error by the Christie administration in the state’s application, records obtained by The Star-Ledger show.

One five-point question on the application asked for budget information comparing the 2008 and 2009 school years. However, the state submitted information comparing the current year to 2011.
That mistake cost the state 4.8 points. The state lost points in other areas as well, the records show.

In the end, New Jersey received 437.8 out of a possible 500 points, placing it 11th in the competition, just behind Ohio, which received $400 million and was the last state to receive funding. The winners of the $4.35 billion competition were announced today in Washington, D.C.

"New Jersey did not supply the 2008-2009 data as required and therefore forfeits the points," said the report from one of the federal reviewers scoring the competition.

New Jersey, you couldn't have asked for anything better since this man has taken office this year.

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread for 7/24-25/10: Time Makes A Magazine For Adults:

The Onion reports:

TIME Announces New Version Of Magazine Aimed At Adults

To Tevin, be safe folks:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

That's Some Classy Republican Breast Feeding For You

Sir Alan Simpson, the classy Republican member of The Deficit Catfood Commission, continues his crusade of eviscerating Social Security once and for all in a letter to one of his justified critics in Ashley Carson of the Older Women’s League:
Anyway, have a look at it and if you should choose, you might communicate with me. If you have some better suggestions about how to stabilize Social Security instead of just babbling into the vapors, let me know. And yes, I’ve made some plenty smart cracks about people on Social Security who milk it to the last degree. You know ‘em too. It’s the same with any system in America. We’ve reached a point now where it’s like a milk cow with 310 million tits! Call when you get honest work!

The proud classy old Republican member of the President Barack Obama's debt commission, on social security (and lovely male chauvinism).

I wonder how many tits a milk cow has for his Medicare and Medicaid comparison? Maybe 310 billion.

The Fun Thread For 8/24/10 (Final Edition): Back In The Days Where The Big Cell Phone

So big, that you could use it as a weapon.

Sports Thread #1 For 8/24/10: Brave Bermen Comes Back While Brilliant Braga Thumps Sevilla In The Champs League Playoffs

Photo from Getty Images
It was a wild first night of second Leg drama in the 2010-11 edition of the Champions League Playoffs tonight.

After falling behind two great Giampolo Pazzini goals and Antonio Cassano's 85th minute effort, Werder Bermen made a spirited and memorable comeback to advance to the group stage 5-4 on aggregate over Sampdoria in a 3-2 result to the Italians.

It was a comeback spurred by sub Markus Rosenberg's "save the day" effort with two minutes left in stoppage time, disheartening the fans of the Italian side who thought their ticket into the Last 32 was secured. And then, a fine build up by the terrific youngster Marko Marin led to veteran goal striker Claudio Pizarro to smash home a fine drive pass Gianluca Curci to leave the Bundesliga outfit in full glee, while the "Serie A" side left to pick up their pieces towards the Europa League.

In another dramatic tie, FK Partizan advanced 3-2 on penalties pass Anderlect after both sides repeated their 2-2 scoreline last week in Belgrade. Heartbreak for the Belgian powerhouses, as their pitch cost them dearly in the shootout and lead to Partizan returning to the group stage for the first time in seven long years.

Israel gets their third team in the Champions League group stage as Hapoel Tel-Aviv prevail over FC Salzburg 4-3 on aggregate . The 3-2 road victory for Hapoel last week was too much for Austrian side to overcome in a 1-1 result.

Basel made Sheriff want to change their club names to Deputees with a dominate 3-0 road win to advance 4-0 on final aggregate.

But the performance of the playoffs trust far over those terrific games was Sporting Braga going into Sevilla and thumping La Liga powerhouse 4-3 and advancing 5-3 on aggregate. Brazilian Lima scored an impressive hat trick to give the Portuguese side passage into the group stage for the first time.

There will be more drama in store left in these eight figure lucrative matches tomorrow, as the 2nd night of the Champions League Playoff return legs will give us all the participants in the group stages.

Wastebook Once Again Wastes Itself

They are now scared of a common sensical political campaign about medical marijuana :
Gavin Dunaway, Adotas: “Listen, you dirty hippies: Facebook doesn’t wanna run your pro-legalization display ads. It ain’t down with your THC consumption or your tie-dye or your free love or your patchouli stink. It’s a family social network that only runs family-friendly advertising — like beer and liquor ads, products the family can enjoy together (especially when forced to gather for holidays).”

Chris Good at The Atlantic: Facebook may have been started by and for college kids, but it’s no lefty, hippie operation. JustSayNow.com, a marijuana legalization organization launched last month by liberal blogger/activist Jane Hamsher, had been running ads on Facebook for a week and a half, but Facebook evidently won’t run them anymore, on the grounds that pot leaves are inappropriate

Ryan Singal, Wired: “No one disputes that Facebook has the legal right to ban the ad, but Hamsher argues that it just doesn’t make sense. ‘It seems like a decision make to appease somebody’s grandma,’ Hamsher said.”

Grant Gross, IDG News Service: “It’s tantamount to banning a candidate’s face during a political campaign,” Michael Whitney, a Just Say Now organizer, said in a statement. “It’s a mystery to me why Facebook would do such a sudden about-face. This is political speech.”… Support for legalization of marijuana is growing, especially among young people, even though President Barack Obama’s administration has opposed legalization efforts, Just Say Now said.
Gosh their explanation is so pathetic :
Facebook spokesman Noyes says in a statement: "The image in question was no longer acceptable for use in Facebook ads. The image of a marijuana leaf is classified with all smoking products and therefore is not acceptable under our policies."
Maybe they are now scared of a picture of an even green leaf.

Either way, another day of Zuckerberg and company whoring themselves away from what they used to be. I can't wait for their movie in October, especially if they have a scene with Zuckerberg using marijuana.

Music Thread #1 For 8/24/10: Diddy Ain't Happy About Being Called A Robber Boss

The Combs man says that he never cheated his artist out of any money.
….There’s an off perception that needs to be addressed about me that I have ever robbed somebody or mistreated somebody. Or tried to be ruthless or whatever in this game. Like, all this year I’ve heard people say, “Where’s Carl Thomas, where’s Black Rob, where’s G.Dep? Where are these artists?” And for some reason they go ahead and equate that, cause those artists aren’t with me, that I’ve done something wrong or malicious or conniving. It’s something that I do have a problem with because they don’t have no proof that I’ve ever done nothing like that.

Does this really bother you, because you’ve talked about this before.
It’s a misconception. Especially someone who’s been brought up like me. I’ve been brought up to work hard for mine and never take from nobody. And to always try and help people. But people don’t understand this game that were in. You have a short life expectancy. It’s rare to a me, to be a Jay-Z, an LL, a Nas. That shit is a rarity. That’s not even one percent of the rappers. If you look at any artists that were on Ruff Ryders, where they at? If you look at any artist that was on Def Jam at the time we started, where they at? If you look at any artist that was on Roc-A-Fella, Jive, where they at? It’s not like anything was wrong with them. It’s just that you have a four, five-year average in this game. That’s just something I wanted to address.

But there is no dispute that he sure used his artists like silly dogs to get where he is at today. And I really fear for Janelle Monae, because his track record with dropping artists is not a good indication at all.

Hopefully it is :
“I still haven’t brought out the title for the album because I want to bring it out in my own way,” he verified. “But we still got time before the album comes out. It should be no later than December.”

J. Cole had spent the majority of this year working to have the LP out by October 26.

“It seems like every time I get in the studio the album changes a little bit and gets bigger with each song I do,” Cole disclosed. “The importance is that the music sounds special and will be something that’s around in the next 10 years.”

Oh, what a surprise out of nowhere, Eminem is performing at the MTV Awards. Also surprising is the fact that the MTV Awards will be on......MTV.

Another new U-2 song:

And Kate Perry "Teenage Dream" highlights the bevy of albums dropping today, since it is Tuesday. And that also includes another, out of nowhere, EP CD from Usher called "Versus."

Why he decided to realize that 9-track tepid effort is beyond me.

The Funny For 8/24/10: Two Comedians Still Better Than Most "Journalists"

Still by far:
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
The Parent Company Trap
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party
Still way by far:
The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
The Word - Losing His Religion
Colbert Report Full Episodes2010 ElectionFox News
Based on all of this, Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal is also funding the RSCC and Tea Party TV coverage.


The 1st Thread For 8/24/10: Almost A Quarter In California Have No Health Insurance

What an encouraging number, isn't it?
The number of Californians who lost jobs and health insurance probably increased in every county last year, according to a study released Monday by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research.

The new analysis found that 37 counties -- including Imperial, Kern and Shasta -- had uninsured rates above the statewide average of 24.3%.

"Different parts of the state were more adversely impacted than others, but really it is spread across the state," said one of the study's authors, Shana Alex Lavarreda, the center's director of health insurance studies.

"You have counties from Kern to Shasta that were hit very hard with averages over what we saw in Los Angeles," she added.

The report backs up the findings of a previous study the center released in March that showed nearly one in four Californians lack health insurance. According to the latest estimates, the state's uninsured population has reached 24.3%, or about 8.4 million, up from 6.4 million in 2007.
Will these people still or now uninsured be able to even make it to 2014, those people who aren't young anymore to qualify under their parent's plan, to get coverage?

Our "fierce urgency of now", watching more people steadily get off coverage until it is just too late.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Fun Thread For 8/23/10: (Final Edition): The Life Of A Blogger

From this wonderful duo of Citizen Radio, a near true representation for those in the political circle:

And also, a traguc story indeed:
This has got to be the saddest statistic I've heard in a long time.

Just think of it--seventy-five thousand teddy bears wondering why they got left behind. Seventy-five thousand distraught owners. Seventy-five thousand hotel owners frantically calling Teddy Bear Protection Services to get the bears emotional support.

It gets worse.
It sure does get worse.

Your fun thread for the day.

The Read International For 8/23/10: News Runthrough

Spanish Journalists are freed from Al Qaeda's captivity. (Photo from AFP)
His weird media tour continues:
The commander of Nato forces in Afghanistan says the momentum built up by the Taliban has been reversed in the south of the country and capital Kabul.

General David Petraeus said it was important to destroy the safe havens of Taliban.

He also said he would offer President Obama his best professional advice on the wisdom of handing control to Afghan forces next July.

$815.58 million given to Pakistan is still not enough for its epic disaster. But with NATO forces focusing on silly wars, I guess that isn't a surprise indeed.

Julian Assange seems to be in the midst of fighting a smear campaign against him, especially after the charges of him raping someone was dropped in Sweden.

Sudan, an ally of Iran, is looking to start its own nuclear programme:
The Sudanese government is planning to build a nuclear reactor which is first of its kind purposely for peaceful electricity by 2020, according to the state news agency, SUNA. It has also built dams along the Blue and White Niles, which merge in Sudan, to generate power. But large swathes of the country remain without regular electricity.

Those Chilean miners trapped deep underground are alive. But the rescue will still take some time .
President Sebastian Pinera said the paper message was tied to a perforation drill that rescuers used to bore through to the area near an underground shelter, where the miners took shelter after the Aug. 5 collapse at the small gold and copper mine in the far north.

"The 33 of us in the shelter are well," read the message written with red paint on the piece of paper that Pinera held up on television. Pinera has vowed a major overhaul of the mining regulator in the world's No.1 copper producer.

"It will take months" to get them out, the beaming president said at the mine head. "It will take time, but it doesn't matter how long it takes to have a happy ending."

And nice to see that the Spanish journalists, handled captive by Al Qaeda's in Africa, have been freed.

Your Read International thread.

Music Wakeup Call For 8/23/10: Cee-Lo- F*** You (2010)

Since Friday when it dropped, this has been the song of the year by far.

Listen to it before the evil label takes it down off Youtube because of it being so positive. Remember, they online keep the dumb s--- online.

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 7/22-23/10: The Ideal Place To Celebrate Your 107th BIrthday Is....

....McDonalds !
One good thing about turning 107-years-old — it seems you don't have to worry about cholesterol.

Last Thursday, Harold Bergman, of Jacksonville, celebrated his 107th birthday.

And he celebrated it at the same place he has been celebrating it for the past three years — McDonald's.

Bergman hand his wife Lillian, 85, indulge in regular visits to the Golden Arches near the home they share at Cypress Village. When he visited McDonald's on his birthday, balloons ,birthday decorations and a huge Big Mac-shaped cake awaited him, reports the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville.
To Tevin, take care all:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Soulful For 8/22/10: R. Kelly- Sign of A Victory (2010)

Sometimes, just sometimes, when he isn't indulging in providing water works, he has this inspirational side of him that is just amazing to see. And that is certainly the case here.

With the terrific Soweto Spiritual Singers on the hook, here is R. Kelly with his best song in the last few years, "Sign of a Victory", your delightful Sunday Soulful choice for this week:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Saturday 1st Thread (Very Late Edition) For 8/21/10: With A Special Edition

Very late edition, but still here:


With Al Franken continuing the fight against those who threaten democracy online:
Franken had choice words for this plan, none of them good.

Google and Verizon's scheme empowers the FCC to, "get this—'publish a report'," he dryly commented, while his audience laughed again.

"But there's an even bigger issue here. It's that when government will not act, corporations will. And unlike government agencies, which have a legal responsibility to protect American consumers, the only thing corporations care about, the only thing that they have a legal duty to promote, is their bottom line."

"We can't let companies write the rules that they're supposed to follow," Franken added, "because if that happens those rules are going to be written only to protect corporations."

.....And De La Soul:

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Flashback Fridays #2 For 8/20/10: Nelly- Country Grammer (2010)

10 long years ago folks.....10 long years ago:

And while he's struggling for relevance, he certainly made himself and the Lou relevant. Your second Flashback Friday choice of the day, from Nelly, it's the song that put him on the map, "Country Grammar."

The Friday Fun Thread For 8/20/10 (Special Edition): The End Of A (Blogging Era)

One of the most synonymous bloggers in the rational news online era (the rise of the left blogopshere) has been the always delightful Amanda Terkel.

One of many key figures as to why Think Progress has become one of the most powerful news sites on all the net, Ms. Terkel is just a person who, unless you are an Bill O'Liely creepy stalker lackey, is so likable for her assiduity and her warm personality.

So news of her announcing her final day at Think Progress just a while ago is certainly something that came right out of the blue.
Wherever Ms. Terkel goes to next, hopefully she'll continue being one of the premiere blogging reporters in all of the Internet land.

Unless of course, that leads to the Television set as well.

Until then, I am just as sadden as those at the Center for American Progress that she has to go. Because they sure know that she was just as special as, if not more than, her reporting.

Much love to you Amanda. And from The Whole Delivery, God bless.

Sports Thread #1 For 8/20/10: Serena Williams Withdraws From The US Open

There was outside hope, but this injury is a very serious one, even if she is hoola hooping whenever she can:
Serena Williams has pulled out of the U.S. Open because she is still recovering from cutting her foot last month.

The top-ranked Williams has won three titles at Flushing Meadows, part of her 13 Grand Slam singles championships. Last year, she lost in the semifinals after a tirade at a line judge over a foot-fault call.

Williams' agent and the U.S. Tennis Association confirmed her withdrawal Friday.
It was already a wide open event with her not participating in any of the events of the US Open Series. But this injury really is a concern for her overall fitness the rest of the year.

With how she dominated at Wimbledon this year (arguably going up another level than even before), I really thought this was going to be the summer where Serena finally dominated all the way to regaining a US Open crown.

Now with her departure (as well as Justine Henin being out for the rest of the year), that will emboldened the likes of Sharapova and Clijsters, who will be disappointed gravely if they can't go all the way here (unless Azarenka plays to her abilities, with Kuznetsova showing a resurgence of late). Especially with a rusty and injured plague Venus Williams not looking at all a threat to win an elusive third US Open.

The Cinema For 8/20/10: Only The Nanny Serves The Good Stuff This Week

It's Friday, that means it's "The Cinema" time:
Without a doubt, the best movie this week is the enjoyable Emma Thompson improving on the first version of Nanny McPhee with "Nanny McPhee Returns!"

It is another delight for the kids and adults from a class actress in a fun role. Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel hopes there is another return for this nanny :
But this is a most welcome return, a sequel that rises from the “world of poo” of its setting and tickles and warms the heart. Let’s hope Nanny McPhee is “deployed” again, and soon.

Another movie out this week is Piranha 3-D, which has been made as a scary fun spoof to Jaws. The one thing people may agree on with this one is, at least this shows the power of 3-D. From Mr. Moore yet again:
Nubile “Playboy” bunnies do an underwater ballet pas de deux in 3D. “Piranha 3D” sells itself.

It’s not as scary as it needs to be or as clever as it thinks it is, but the new 3D version of “Piranha” is at least as gimmicky as those fabled 3D films of yore. With all the pointless 3D cartoons and joyless 3D “”Clash of the Titans” conversions, at last here’s a picture that tosses its cookies, its coffee cups and its D-cups right in your lap.

Mediocre middle of the road, and just not memorable is the latest Jennifer Alston film "The Switch." While some liked it and thought the Josh Gordon, Will Speck directed film pass the time, Rick Roeper was none too kind with his review.

At least she was cool on Stewart last night!

Someone probably not going to feature on "The Daily Show" in the near future is Bow Wow, as the dreadful latest bad look for stereotyping black people picture "Lottery Ticket" is also out. Oh dear indeed.

And summing up all the movies this week is just the needed review from the Spill crew of arguably the worse movie of all of 2010, "Vampires Suck."

Oh was that awesome to watch for your day.

And so was the Cinema, for this week and every week (hopefully). Until next time on the 27th....Fin.

Sharia Law at.......The Pentagon

Right at our war center headquarters!
While plans for a cultural center and mosque near the site of the September 11 attacks in New York have ignited a hot political debate, Muslims regularly pray at a chapel near where a hijacked jet slammed into the Pentagon nine years ago.

Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Mormons and Episcopalians regularly hold services in the multifaith chapel that was dedicated in November 2002 after reconstruction of the section of the Pentagon hit by Islamist hijackers on September 11, 2001.

"I've been here four years next month and the chapel and its function and role have never been an issue," George Wright, an Army spokesman at the Pentagon, said on Thursday.

The Washington Post' Petula Dvorak talks about this dangerous development that has been transpiring right under our noses (especially under the nostrils of Harry Reid, Howard Dean, and all of our Republican nutcase figures).....for almost the last 8 years!
Now, would you believe that in November of that year, right next to the spot where 184 people lost their lives in the Pentagon, the military opened a sanctuary where Islam could be celebrated?

This is truly on sacred ground, mind you. Not two blocks away, wedged between the Gap and Sephora in Pentagon City mall, out of sight of the original crash site.

This prayer room is a mere 30 steps from the place where terrorists crashed the nose cone of American Airlines Flight 77 through the wall and killed Pentagon secretaries and military officers, soccer moms and Little League dads in a screaming "I-have-control-of-this-plane-and-I'm-going-to-die-in-the-name-of-Allah" instant

At first, I was in a little disbelief that a quality column could come from the Fred Kaplan Test Prep Center outside of Eugene Robinson and EJ Dionne. But thankfully, while the likes of Krauthmonster spew their venom, at least the local columnist Dvorak provides a must read column.
Oh wait, there was no outrage. No hyperventilating by cable news anchors. No outpouring of hateful rhetoric on blogs and Web sites.

"Nope, never heard a word about it," folks in the Pentagon chaplain's office told me Thursday after we visited the crash site memorial and the chapel next to it. "No one has had a problem with it."

It is a humble space, spartan except for a U.S. flag and a stained-glass window that depicts a Pentagon and a screaming eagle. The only sign that it's not a lecture hall or meeting room is the piano in one corner and the stack of camouflage-covered New Testament books of psalms and proverbs on a shelf.
In addition, the Post's metro columnist highlights how there are many U.S. military facilities around the world that have locations dedicated to Muslim praying. That salient fact would be very helpful to this country's standing with the international Muslim population, but our vapid media certainly won't be bringing that up anytime soon.

As Dvorak said so well later on about the infied center for all religious praying on this other sacred ground, "This is America at its best." An America that the bigots just can't compute in their feeble, insane, little craniums.

The Flashback Fridays For 8/20/10: Blackstreet Feat Dr. Dre & Queen- No Diggity (1996)

"Hey yall, Hey yall, Hey yall, Hey yall!!!!"

From 1996, your Flashback Friday choice of the day. It's Blackstreet featuring Dr.Dre and Queen with "No Diggity."

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Music Thread For 8/19/10: The Collaboration Of A Lifetime

Your lifetime.

I sure do hope Raekwon is getting good money for this:
Ye and Bieber corresponded back and forth on Wednesday, before the rapper invited the young singer to appear on a track. He wrote, "I'm honored that you like my Music @JustinBieber!!! You gotta hear the album. Maybe we can do something together. Me, You, and Raekwon."

Bieber responded, "Me, u, and the chef 2gether on a song = EPIC. Might sound crazy 2 u but even having this convo is a living dream. Thanks."
Because the flack he's catching for even being apart of this is really high today.

Thank goodness today is a day I don't have to hear anything about Foxy Brown or her brother being in trouble. Same too for DMX.

Erykah Badu gets probation.

For all you Kate Perry fans, an interview for her in the NY Times to continue the hype for her second album.

And Norah Jones is one of the realest for a reason, other than being born from Brooklyn!

The Straight Jacket Award For The 8/19/10: Irony Is Sweeter Than It's Ever Been!

In the old days, when you nationally embarrass yourself on TV by spelling a word wrong, you would never even contemplate calling any other person "stupid."

And when you do it twice.....TWICE....

...well, yeah.

But nowadays, the human mind of being abashed at yourself yet somehow having the gall to label someone "stupid" doesn't exist anymore:

No question it's a winner of the.....
.....Straight Jacket Award for today.

The Read International For 8/19/10: What A Way To Celebrate Your Birthday!

The United States sure didn't like President Karzai's stance on contractors having four months to get the hell out of Afghanistan. What a way to celebrate Independence Day in Afghanistan!
A ban on private security companies in Afghanistan could affect development and aid work as many of the firms guard Western projects in the country, U.S. officials said on Wednesday.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai issued a decree on Tuesday ordering private security companies to disband within four months -- part of an ambitious plan for the government to take responsibility for all security in the country from 2014.

The firms, who compete for billions of dollars in contracts, employ around 40,000 heavily armed guards -- mostly Afghans but including many foreigners. They are also used to guard convoys, embassies and other mainly Western interests.

Karzai has long been critical of the firms, saying they have caused horrific accidents, but the speed with which the decree was issued took some by surprise and U.S. officials in Afghanistan said they were still studying it.

"We are concerned that any quick action to remove private security companies may have unintended consequences, including the possible delay of U.S. reconstruction and development assistance efforts," U.S. embassy spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said in a statement.

But this expert says unsurprisingly that Karzai's stance is just for national political posturing:

And we'll see if Christiane Ammanpour will ask Karzai about those contractors, since we don't hear about on US corporate media outside of a few, on Sunday.

Wylcef has gotten death threats in his bid to be the next President of Haiti, though he isn't fazed. There are delays by the way for the announcement of candidates for the position until tomorrow, with a cloud of doubt over whether the Fugees string puller's eligibility.

Julian Assange wins the Sam Adams award for Integrity. As Jamie K said to Double G on this: "Sam Adams is now on the US terror watch list."

Columbia ruled yesterday that US access over its country bases will was unconstitutional, but that its relation with its powerful ally won't change. The State Department wasn't really happy about that.

And Nicolas Kristof and his wife are about to have a big book on global trafficking young females into prostitution called "Half the Sky: How To Change The World."

Your International thread.

The Break/Sports Thread #1 For 8/19/10: Roger Clemens Indicted On Charges Of Lying

Photo from AP
He's back in the news.
Federal authorities have decided to indict Roger Clemens on charges of making false statements to Congress about his use of performance-enhancing drugs, according to two people briefed on the matter.

The indictment comes nearly two and half years after Clemens and his former trainer Brian McNamee testified under oath at a hearing before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, directly contradicting each other about whether Clemens had used the banned substances.

It truly is amazing how we have time to indict Clemens on steroids by can't find the millisecond to get our powerful government and corporate crooks.

The Cinema News For 8/19/10: Letterman's Greatest Guest Ever

The story of Joaquin Phoenix in his journey towards a Hip Hop career is such a fascinating story....

...Because with how the current game is right now, he probably would be better than 60% of the people in it.

The Capital #1 For 8/19/2010: We're A.Ok With Doing Nothing

It sure is a wonderful feeling for the Treasury and the FED to see the Department of Labor report about unemployment claims pass half a million and be the highest since last November.

And you what their current plan is?

To just keep on doing the same "fiddle with their thumbs" thing.

Music Wakeup Call For 8/19/10: Fantasia- Bittersweet (2010)

Man, has she hit hard times of late:

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 8/18-19/10: The Most Sexual Innuedos In Children's Cartoons Ever

Man, did Rocko and "The Warners" get away with many things:

Say safe folks:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Corporate Bullying Sure Is Wonderful

Some of you maybe familiar with the story of Newton, Massachusetts news reporter Barry Nolan. If not, here is the runthrough on this individual.

Two years ago, while working for CN (Comcast) 8 in Boston, Nolan was upset over the New England chapter of the National Academy for Television in Arts and Sciences giving their Governors' Award to Bill O'Reilly at their local Emmys.

So justifiably upset was Nolan, that in the buildup to the event, he both privately and publicly voiced his opposition towards the O'Liely one garnering that award. And he pulled no punches back when he labeled him "a mental case."

And on the night of the formal tuxedo event, Nolan decided to dress down for the occasion, citing himself that his slacks and a blazer were accordingly enough for him. In addition, the Comcast anchor (at the time) continued in his temerity by passing out flyers of the Fixed Propaganda blowhard's worst comments ever, including the infamous "I just wish Katrina had only hit the United Nations building, nothing else, just had flooded them out.” That information most likely contributed in O'Reilly getting boos from the crowd along with the now tarnished award.

Because of Nolan's hardline stance on this, it eventually lead to Comcast suspending him before giving the 30 year veteran his pink slip a little over a week later.

Now in the last few days, as Amanda Terkel observed, the Columbia Journalism Review reported on another intriguing factor adding to the story. From how the story played out originally, it seemed Comcast didn't need any assistance or outside urging to fire Nolan.

But this following tidbit tells the story of how Comcast became more yellow than any Canary you may see in your lifetime:
Many an employee has been fired for saying too much, too loudly, to the wrong people, at the wrong time. Still, some in Boston’s media community remained suspicious about Nolan’s termination. “There was something unseemly about a small player like Nolan being forced out by a giant like Comcast,” says Dan Kennedy, a former Boston Phoenix media critic and an assistant professor of journalism at Northeastern University. “It made me wonder if they were afraid O’Reilly would go running to Rupert Murdoch. But what was Murdoch going to do? Take American Idol off Comcast?”

It turns out, however, that such suspicions were well grounded. Documents filed in federal court as part of his suit show that beyond Nolan’s mouthing off publicly against O’Reilly, there was another factor at work—the mutual business interests of two media giants, Comcast and the Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, which owns the Fox News Channel.

On May 12, 2008—two days after the Emmys—O’Reilly went on the offensive against what he called Nolan’s “outrageous behavior” with a carefully worded, lawyerly letter to Brian Roberts, the chairman and CEO of Comcast, which distributes Fox News and entertainment programming, to its subscribers. The letter was written on Fox News stationery and was copied to Fox News CEO Roger Ailes.
This letter truly is a representation of O'Liely and his hectoring loofahness at its finest:
Pointedly, O’Reilly began by noting their mutual business interests. “We at The O’Reilly Factor have always considered Comcast to be an excellent business partner and I believe the same holds true for the entire Fox News Channel. Therefore, it was puzzling to see a Comcast employee, Barry Nolan, use Comcast corporate assets to attack me and FNC.” Telling the Comcast CEO that Nolan had attended the Emmy Awards “in conjunction with Comcast,” O’Reilly apologized for bothering him but let him know he considered this “a disturbing situation.”
Two things arise after seeing this letter. Obviously the first one is how much of a scum Mr. "We'll DO IT LIVE" is, especially at anybody calling him out for his own stupidity and bile.

But an even larger story is created here: Murdoch basically has Comcast right around his finger
to carry his water at anytime.

Yes, that same Comcast that is an FCC approval away from fully taking over NBC Universal. That same Comcast that was so frightening at how Nolan's terrific actions would make their buddy buddies mad that they chose the pusillanimous route of getting rid of that potential danger to their well beings.

But while they revel in being proud corporate cowards, you won't find anything unwavering and scared about Nolan fighting in his lawsuit against his former employer.

And he expresses how the handling of his situation could easily happen to another on an even bigger platform:
“I don’t think they had the F-ing right to tell me what I’m allowed to say. In the end, I think they were trying to suck up to Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch and Bill O’Reilly in a way that’s spineless and appalling for a company [Comcast] that aspires to run a major network news operation [NBC]. What happens when Keith Olbermann goes after O’Reilly? I think that’s scary.”
That's a telling comment of real truth from a guy that sure doesn't get scared easy.

Bush's Lawyer Is Now Compliant To Sharia Law!

He sure is trying hard to revitalize his public image well:

What's so interesting is that, outside of creepy Rove, all of the Bushies have definitely kept themselves in line to not join the rest of the nutcase side on the Cordoba House.

With this happening earlier today, expect Pam Gellar to definitely write a post indicating how Ted Olson is compliant to Shaira Law!

Sports Thread #1 For 8/18/10: Brett Favre Officially Announces He Will Come Back......Again

Trust me folks, no one is more sick of him than Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfields. So your position on the line is behind those two.

The Album Sales Review For 8/18/10: Em's Back At The Top Once More

This guy could only have three songs on the album and still be getting these sales:
Eminem's "Recovery" rebounds to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 after two weeks of sitting by in the runner-up slot. It climbs back to the top with 133,000 according to Nielsen SoundScan (down 13%). It's the most weeks at No. 1 for an album since Susan Boyle's "I Dreamed a Dream" claimed six straight frames at the top in December and January.

And he's on the double plat status now:
The total sales of "Recovery" also drive past the two million threshold this week (2.1 million, according to Nielsen SoundScan) -- marking just the second album to do so this year. It's currently 2010's second-best seller behind Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now" (2.5 million).

Also pushing pass a significant marker is Justin Bieber's mentor:
At this point last year, no albums had surpassed more than two million in sales -- though seven had shifted at least a million. This year, six have hit the million mark, with Usher's "Raymond v Raymond" the latest to cross the line. It sells another 15,000 this week, bring its to-date sum to just over one million.
He certainly won't push pass double platinum in the States, but at least it wasn't a total nightmare to make Justin Timberlake laugh somewhere.

Despite that, 15,000 wasn't enough to push him into the Top 10.

After Eminem, the rest of the list includes Disney Channel's "Camp Rock debuting in the #3 spot behind Arcade Fire's "The Suburds" Runner-Up spot.

4th is the Black Label Society's "Order of the Black" withe 5th to that Bieber kid with "Mt World 2.0". The rest of the list from 6 to 10 is Blake's Shelton's "All About Tonight", Rick Ross' "Teflon Don" (Looking in danger to not be gold), Mike Posner's debut "31 Minutes To Takeoff", "Kidz Bop 18" and Avenged Sevenfold "Nightmare."

And the overall industry sells numbers:
Overall album sales in this past chart week (ending Aug. 15) totaled 4.95 million units, down 6% compared to the sum last week (5.26 million) and down 16% compared to the comparable sales week of 2009 (5.88 million). Year to date album sales stand at 185.1 million, down 12% compared to the same total at this point last year (211.1 million).
At least the nutcase at the RIAA can say there was an increase this week!

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