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Monday, December 2, 2013

The Sports Thread #2 For 12/2/13: Seahawks Go Marching And Stomping In On The Saints

Final: Seahawks 34, Saints 7 

Photo from NFL.com

Yes, you can definitely put Russell Wilson in elite quarterback/MVP discussion, even though he was already there in those spots for the first place. 

Just two amazing games next week with Seahawks heading to the 49ers as Harbaugh's men badly want revenge and are peaking now, while the Saints will have to show character at home against Panthers.  

After Three Quarter Thread

Russell Wilson and Russell Okong and Pete Caroll and the Seattle crow. Amazing as always. Now you may carry on. 

Back at halftime with the after third quarter thread. Even without Harvin, Browner, and Thurmond, I still favorite the Seahawks to win and really secure home field.

The thread is live.

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