The Flashback Fridays #2, St. Valentine's Day Edition For 2/14/14: Carlos Santana feat The Product G&B- Maria Maria (1999)

"And the rich is getting richer, and the poorer getting poorer."

Definitely one of the great crossover songs ever and it added to Carlos Santana's fine legacy. However, the backstory of this 15-year classic is quite sad.

What was so messed up about this song though is that "The Product G & B" were somehow not recognized and awarded at the Grammys like Santana was. In fact, they're not even recognized on Vevo/Youtube, only the legendary guitar player. The young black R&B singers for Wyclef Jean couldn't get the approbation they deserved.

In fact, after that song, you never heard of them again. They appeared to have long stopped working with Wyclef Jean and have gone through the incredible limbo that is the independent rout, having to tour and perform in Europe to survive in the business.

That story really makes me a little mad about this song's history now after 15 years, but it doesn't take away from its greatness. We have had so many people get screwed in the world of music that the stories have to be told along with praising the music that they have created.

So here, "The Product G&B" will most definitely be acknowledged here with Carlos Santana, who really should have fought for them publicly to be acknowledged.

Your second Flashback Friday on this Valentine's Day, it's the 1999 classic "Maria Maria."

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