The Flashback Fridays For 2/28/14: Black Men United - U Will Know (1994)

The last day in February, but that should never mean that American history from the black tales has a monthly limit.

Still, it's always terrific and fitting to turn to this song when this month comes to a close, and how terrific it was to have all of these R&B figures. I always will pick this over "Self-Destruction" because of how soulful and positive it is, although that isn't to say that wonderful rap song isn't sensational in its own right and cherish by me.

What is even more special about this song is that D'Angelo, in his "come up" (young) days when he was 20, wrote this song. Just him and him alone for all of this esteemed figures in R&B at 20 years ago. And how this song served as the lead track for one of the more underrated movies ever, "Jason's Lyric," adds to its indelible quality.

So without further of do, this Flashback Friday choice for this week, it's Black Men United with the 1994 classic "U Will Know."

More to come, with hopefully no more technical issues to sort out, here at The Whole Delivery. 
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