The Funny #2 For 2/11/14: Samuel L. Jackson Just Crushes Anchor For Mistaking Him For Laurence Fishburne

Watch when KTLA anchor Sam Rubin confused Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne Monday morning. And then how Sam shows no mercy, though with enough light heartedness to not really be too much of a bully. 

Yes, Rubin got caught up in "lumping us altogether," particularly embarrassing for a Hollywood entertainment reporter and especially one that is Samuel L. Jackson of all people to mix up with another black actor. It's not Michael Ealy getting compared to Cuba Gooding Jr. here, which would be equally as bad a gaffe of course. But worse with Sam L. being the highest grossing actor of all time for any race making it the worst, laughable mistake. 

Still, despite me laughing, I do wish Sam would have cut him just a slight bit of slack. No matter what though, Rubin will forever be in viral history for that, even if criticism of him may go overboard. 

Him referring to his Capital One commercial and saying, "I'm the 'What's in Your Car' black guy" was gold. 

Also of note is how Rubin and TMZ's Evan got at it later in the day.  

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