TWD Saturday Night Thread For 2/8/14: Marcus Smart's Incredibly Dumb Moment (Multiple Versions)

His last name already puts enough pressure on him, but just an awful decision by Marcus Smart here in pushing a Texas Tech fan in Oklahoma State's latest defeat to keep their postseason hopes in serious peril.

Whatever the fan said to him, even if it was a racist word, it still was unacceptable for Smart to push the fan.

Smart is a class act in general, but lately he has gone south with his temper as his team has with their play. He was completely unselfish and showed a lot of maturity to return for his sophomore season and displayed a team first mentality all year to really make himself a top future pick in this year's draft.

But regardless of whatever nonsense or hate that fan or fans said, Smart just couldn't keep his composure did there, and it's a shame.

More to come....Anyway, here's B.O.B....."Shooting for stars, on a Saturday night."

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