The Thread #2 For 2/17/14: The Most Trusted Named in Giving Free Murderer's Interviews

As if our timing in life couldn't get any worse, now we have networks desperate for ratings thinking it is a good idea to interview Trayvon Martin's murderer.

I mean, my goodness gracious, who thought that was a shrewd decision? Who thought this was a beacon of firm sagacity? Who thought this was just a swell move to win the night for ratings (CNN) or receive vital attention for a fledging station (Univision/ABC's Fusion) that badly needs it?

Our media culture certainly is exemplary at finding new ways to embarrass itself. I can't blame Trayvon's murderer for saying that he was "the victim," because he was given the platform to say it. I can't blame Trayvon's murderer for saying that he wants to be a lawyer, because he was given the platform to say it.

Furthermore, I can't blame Trayvon's murderer, nor any of the lawyers that represented him, saying the things he or his legal team proudly utter because they are given the platform to do so.

The American cable news channels have the firm power to ignore those things and not even bother dehumanizing themselves with providing this murderer a platform. Instead, their desperate addiction for Nielsen numbers fuels decisions that lead to nothing but negativity, hate, and utter pain for everyone involved.

In due time, I guess Michael Dunn will be given multiple TV news interviews from his prison cell. And one lucky outlet will celebrate their scoop on providing a platform to Jordan Davis' racist murderer, just like they are now for Trayvon's assassin.

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