TWD Super Bowl Sunday Thread #4 For 2/2/14: The MetLife Stadium Miracle

Photo from Metlife Stadium

Roger Goodell and the NFL has lucked out with this weather today, a week after it snowed and bitter cold had dominated the headlines in the tri-state area, Christe Bridgegate aside.

Nevertheless, it will not stop the total cost it was to make MetLife Stadium.

The design of the stadium is influenced by the Allianz Arena of both Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich. It is the most expensive stadium in the world as it cost $1.6 billion to make. And what makes it even better was the fact that the two teams, the Jets and the Giants, paid for it and not the New Jersey taxpayers.

In an era where taxpayers are always fitting the bill (or some parts of the bill) for these expensive stadiums (and the NFL getting tax breaks all over the place), it is a miracle and a relief that the most expensive stadium in the world is paid 100% by the teams' itself.

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