The Thread For 2/28/14: Brother's Private Whimper

Glad to see Jelani Cobb and Imani Perry push back on Hayes last night, and just the overall limits to how private elites can't solve public problems in America by just showing their desire to.

It's a shame that it will take a president of color, and probably a black president at that, as the only way we will see a "Brother's Keeper" program. It's even worse when this first step to addressing the obvious structural racist problems is probably the last step we'll see unless the president is not black or Hispanic.

And it's what makes the pushback from Perry, Cobb, and even this nicely written peace from Philly's public student union important for the discussion.

2011 marked the first time in almost 40 years that public school spending decreased in America, as the Obama Administration's addiction to charter schools gives further cover to the for-profit first and only frauds.

Public spending now accounts for just 70 cents of every education dollar in the United States, which is way below the 84 cents spent for the average OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) nation right now.

It's even worse when you get to the post-high school level, where the U.S. spends only 36 cents publicly to every dollar compared to 68 cents of OECD on college and the underrated, vocational training programs.

Then add on top the obvious long term structural racism that pervades our societies human resource departments with the still lack of diversity in terms of who are actually the bosses of these employment centers and clearly "My Brother's Keeper's" shows the latest, limited private answer to our public long-term pathetic, problems.

I mean, when you invite this guy who says these things to the meeting, that is when you know it has its major drawbacks.

(More to come at The Whole Delivery in a bit...)
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