The Thread For 2/10/14 (First Version): Cantwell to NFL, Redskins - EIther Change The Name or Possibly Lose Your Tax Breaks

Maria Cantwell showed no signs of wavering from ordering Daniel Snyder and Roger Goodell to get rid of the Redskins' name in a really great talk with her former "employee" Ari Melber and the rest of The Cycle today.

Cantwell is the first Congressional figure to possibly force the NFL to get rid of the name or face the consequence of losing its absurd tax-exempt status. It really was a great talk with the Washington senator, who has served on the Indian Affairs Committee for years, talked with great strength against a powerful enemy like the NFL.

Cantwell and Oklahoma Republican Rep. Tom Cole wrote a terrific letter that was inspired after Goodell went full steam ahead at the Super Bowl with how Synder and the league will keep the name.

It really was quite wonderful, and refreshing to see. Hope this leads to both the name being gone and the NFL losing their tax exempt status for good.

More to come in this thread, in a bit. Stay tuned at The Whole Delivery. 
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