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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year End Shoutouts From This Site and Person Behind This Site

Just want to take some time to give major shoutouts to news friends in general for how great they have been in 2012 to me in both a professional and personable sense.

First, major love has to be given to the one and only Mona Eltahawy. It really was awesome to see how awesome you are in general, and definitely hope there will be no major illness like you've had at 2012's end. You definitely deserve that shoutout first in terms of being shouted out first and foremost.

And it's so great that you and Melissa have stuck such a great friendly bound. Big shoutout for that for sure.

Hard News/Political: 

As always, the entire folks from Daily Kos, with Markos being a major reason why I even have an audience these last few years, as well as a major shoutout to David Waldman, allowing me on his radio show and setting the seeds for show of mine down the line.

I will always appreciate him for sure for that, and definitely hope in 2013 it will continue.

Definitely to Rachel Maddow and some in MSNBC staff for even giving my article love during their RNC coverage, as well as Kay Steiger editing it, and me for being again at Raw Story in the first place thanks to Megan Carpentier and Rox Cooper. They ALWAYS will be in full gratitude from me, no matter where or how far I go.

Also 2012 major praise for me personally for North Carolina dean David Edwards, always a solid guy who will always be firmly in my heart too, as well as Steph Webster, Eric Dolan, the energetic David Ferguson, and everyone else in general associated with Raw at my time. And yes, that includes John (who I never met), and Mike.  

One of the awesome ppls I met in 2012, one Mona!

Hard News/Political Part 2: 

Also want to always give major praise to David Dayen, who frankly deserves more visibility as time goes on for his persistence to get to the bottom line while growing into one of the best online political voices in general.

There's a lot of people who are either in the know or not afraid to say anything in online US politics (and in US politics/news in general), but there are few like Dayen who truly has a combination of both.

A huge congrats to the terrific Kate Sheppard and her great 2012, professionally and personally. She's always been the right blind of fully knowledgeable/passionate about her beat (she's second to none in environmental stuff), while establishing her own controlled but stern voice (HeckuvaJob Brownie a prime example of that).

Really was a great 2012 especially a deserved break from blogging, but hopefully a return for him in any political sense for his commentary and thoughts.

Major appreciation for Jamison Foser consistently taking the steps of analyzing how awful our high level centrist political media is, major great stellar people that I have had a connection and conversation with for sure.

Hard News/Political Part 3: 

Without a doubt, from Chris giving me respect while owning the most straight forward and honest show in US cable media, to seeing Jeremy also still giving respect, and finally meeting Glenn in person, which was terrific, those three for sure had to be included in the final shoutout.

Despite my ups and downs with the Huff Post Live staff, there are a few who didn't hide and I definitely just appreciate as people in general. I appreciate Marc, Ahmed, and Abby for having me to even be on online TV while being at least solid people overall, and Nancy is always a class act.

Sports World 

In the sports news world in general, specifically with tennis, with major appreciation to the terrific and diligent Christopher Clarey, who treated me with full respect and overall appreciation.

Also to Jon Wertheim, who was willing to understand any perspective and to not block himself from any justified opinions and criticism, which is rare with tennis folks at big publications who aren't able to cover the sport on an every weekly basis.

Simon Cambers, who thankfully was one rare tennis journalist who knew who Caroline Wozniacki was and would not cower under the ridiculous notion of even discussing if she was racist unlike other supposed tennis journalists, is always deserving of full praise.

Also major credit to the classy Darren Cahill and energetic Brad Gilbert, two down to Earth guys who will still talk to you despite their hectic schedules. Definitely stay the same gentlemen.

Although we didn't end it on full accord, definitely still appreciate talking to Howard Bryant and his respect for me throughout the last year, especially meeting him personally. That's history that cannot be erased, and I have full gratitude for him just for that, regardless of anything happening otherwise.

Music/Other Stuff 

From Paige Thomas to a few other producers on the X-Factor, definitely major shoutouts to them for sure.

See you all in 2013, which will be tomorrow.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

TWD Sports Sunday Thread #1 For 12/30/12: 2012-13 NFL Regular Season Finale Thread, Early Games


Images from NFL.com 

1) Another forgettable first half for that Lions secondary, as their angles on Earl Bennett's long touchdown run was just unbearable. Still, Stafford's ability to gunsling comeback and Cutler's ability to screw any quality situation up always puts the Bears in danger here.

2) Arian Foster and the offensive line for the Texans just have not been the same as they where at the start of the season, and so far, Matt Schaub is not rising to the occasion.

3) On the end of that Texans/Colts game, the emotion for Chuck Pagano is certainly caring their offensive and defensive lines.

4) For Andy Reid's last game, this is just quite sad and pathetic how his tenure as coach of the Eagles is ending.

(Post game analysis of only the meaningful games, to come in their conclusion. Stay tuned to TWD). 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

TWD Sports Sunday Thread #1 For 12/23/12: 2012-13 NFL Week 16 Sunday Early Games (First Version)

Biggest early game schedule of the season with 11 kickoffs at the 1 PM ET hour.

Realistically in terms of both teams needing the win for playoff importance, only three of those contests matter.

Christian Ponder, or Morris Claiborne returning to the Cowboys secondary vs Brees, and the efficiency from injury in Robert Griffin's comeback, will be the three key people to watch for the most in this large early game window.

Halftime standout points 

1) All the pressure to perform today was on Christian Ponder today, and in this first half, he has done so. Has made the correct throws and playmaked in timely fashion.  Outstanding first half vs the Texans

2) Robert Griffin, superb so far considering coming back from injury, and slowly giving the Redskins the lead over a game Eagles side in likely Andy Reid's final home game in Philly.

3) Another INT TD score for the Colts as Darius Butler took it all the way on Brady Quinn to lead the Colts to a playoff appearance no one thought was going to happen this year.

4) Speaking of more INT's. Josh Freeman continues to make you question if he is going to be an elite QB in this NFL. Another two bad picks today, though the same could almost be sad of Sam Bradford despite Bradford having a little more excuses for not rising to his terrific talent.

5) Morris Claiborne's return has not made a difference to slowing done Drew Brees. It maybe one of those "who has the ball" last scenarios.

6) Tom Brady had arguably his worst start of a game this season, considering the opposition and season. Nevertheless, it's still the Patriots vs the Jaguars, and you still favorite the patriots in C+ mode to beat the Jaguars in A mode. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

TWD "Apocalypse" Day 1st Thread/The Flashback Fridays For 12/21/12: Jay Sean ft Nicki Minaj - 2012 (It Ain't The End) (2010)

This was the only day ever that this crap song was really worth playing, really for anybody.....And oh, has that glorious day come. So, for the Mayans, it's Sean and Minaj doing a song THAT never blew up like they thought it would have, but is tailor made for this day.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

TWD Notes' Most Tolerable Songs of 2012 For 12/20/12: Nelly Furtado- The Spirit Indestructible

Without a doubt, the tremendous and yet remarkably still underrated global superstar that is Nelly Furtado had one of the best releases overall in music, especially in the continued predictably of radio's desperate, American pop music.

And though "The Spirit Indestructible" was not the first single on her 5th album, as "Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)" got that honor, there's a reason why it was strong enough to hold the title for this song and her latest CD overall.

You just don't hear many songs about people's self-determination from either gender in Western music, a perspective that is from an underdog's position. It wasn't about "party tonight," let me get a great party word or phrase to get a great hit, as most songs nowadays on the Billboard Top 100 focuses on, no matter if they are truly have great instrumentals and are pleasing to listen to.

Instead, with Furtado the message is always real and pure, and she is always intune to the story of the downtrodden in never a combative way, but in an inspirational optimist way of controlled perseverance in delight in overcoming challenges.

That opinion is backed up by her being inspired to write the song based on the amazing story of legless Spencer West and his climb up Mount Kilmanjaro.

So, one of 2012 best songs by far, it's Nelly Furtado with "The Spirit Indestructible."   

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The 1st Thread/The S-Thread Runthrough For 12/19/12: Tito Vilanova Steps Down As Barcelona Coach (2nd Version)

Tito Vilanova has relinquished his role as manager of Barcelona because of cancer (AP) 

Last year it was Eric Abidal, and today, it's Tito Vilanova dealing with a major cancerous situation.

Definitely major thoughts are with Vilanova and his family, friends, and colleagues, as this rough development came out of the blue. Thankfully, he is still alive to tell about it, and hopefully he will be alive to return to the thing that he loves, and that is coaching.

Now who knows how long his seemingly permanent absence will be, and an "interim coach" is still not coming up at the moment. No thoughts on whether it will mark a return of Pep Guardiola or someone else tailor made to the Barcelona system. But it certainly is a major development and damper on an otherwise strong last 6 months of the Catalan giants.

The Runthrough 

More on this later, but David Lee is just so under-appreciated in this NBA. Another great game in a terrific season for him and a superb first quarter of 2012-13 for Golden State.

Fine report from NFL.com's Aditi Kinkhabwala on fourth string running back Baron Batch and his amazing persistence in life.

The NHL is trying to seriously do a NBA of 1999. But if owners don't want to pay players because the league's declining popularity, then they might as well not be owners. They are too wealthy to be greedy. But hey, that's what they want to do now in the midst of their taxes going up.

(More from TWD, later....)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

TWD Notes' Most Tolerable Songs of 2012 For 12/18/12: Cash Out- Cashin' Outin (2012)

This will be a daily display that will pick up as the last days of 2012 (and maybe human existence) winds down, highlighting the most tolerable (and actually good) songs of 2012, from The Whole Delivery's perspective. 

Cash Out may never have a single like this ever in his career, especially since he came out of nowhere with this one.

But I hope haters are wrong on that, especially considering the man's backstory before having a hit song, and I say that with him being three years younger than me (He's 22).

From facing a gun charge three years ago that was going to see him locked up for years, to LA Reid giving him a deal (even if it was just based on this song alone), Cash Out really is one of those rare stories any rational person in 2012 could cheer about.

And certainly this one doesn't brag too much, and DJ Spinz did a hell of a job with the instrumental. One of 2012's Tolerable Songs, it's Cash Out with his first and breakthrough, "Cashin Out."

More from The Whole Delivery, stay tuned. 

The Ridiculous Centrism....Only Highlighted Further By A Nutty Right

(Continued from earlier)

No matter if you're a centrist honestly trying in your most pure heart to have a great, bipartisan compromise that truly helps America (even though non in recent times has ever existed), or just someone who wants to do a deal to keep the status quo in power and screw those without the power, centrism in American politics (and anywhere else for that matter) exacerbates and makes political problems in society worse.

More than it not being courageous, centrism actually is just being stubborn and unwilling to argue for ideas that are clearly rational and in the best interest of the American public. In short, once again, centrism is just as much of an ideology as liberal/progressiveism and conservatism.  

Now here we go again with Obama's direct centrism, because he knows how John Boehner can't get all the nuts in his party to understand that they are co-signing on Social Security receiving a cut, something all Republicans and conservatives (or just any non pure Democratic person) dream of despite it being utterly idiotic and insane.

Even Pelosi went on "star centrist personality" Andrea Mitchell's show this past afternoon to not have to hear Mitchell and her Beltway centrist favorite narrative trick, that "both sides are unreasonable and the same"when only one side is actually just that.

She co-signed Obama's centrism, though made sure to highlight how Boehner needed to come up with all the votes in his House to agree with something no Republican true to their insane principles wants to do: Raise any tax especially on their wealthy friends and bosses.

Just a reminder, in case you somehow forgot how nutty these people are and how unwilling they are at raising even one tax, look at Rep. Tim Huelskamp with Al Sharpton demanding that not a single tax get raised on anyone, including of course his rich overlords.

The fiscal curve will happen in my mind with no idiotic "centrist, balance" deals because of how the Republican and conservative philosophy of hating taxes and funding the government they want to participate in is exactly blowing up in their face.

It makes Democrats who propose to cut great programs like Social Security and Medicare look great because they choose to simply placate on the insanity of Republicans instead of also advocating for the right common sense ideas in our dysfunctional American society. They could easily do both, but they chose to only do one sadly.

"Rational centrist" Dems like Obama and Dems closer to being pure in Pelosi, despite dangerously banking on Republican ideology to continue being insane and stupid, know that the Republicans ideology is, well, insane and stupid.

All those on the right yelling at Grover Norquist being irrelevant means nothing, because all of them know that Norquist still represents the key core idea of their ideology: No raised taxes. 

And if taxes are raised, then they are automatically traitors clearly to their unstable and unreasonable  citizens of their party. Their constant barrage of advocating for "no raised taxes" has now placed them in a continued major trap, with the deceptive liars in their party championing that ridiculous idea still unable to control the insane ones of their base forever.

The likes of Markos, Digby, FDL with Dayen, Atrios and every rational person has every correct right to be upset about Democratic leaders once again abandoning core Democratic positions, and if Social Security is cut in any sneaky fashion, even one iota, then everyone across the board in the Democratic Party will deserve outright shame and slamming.

But this is clearly only this writer's thoughts here about how it would go, and the Republicans can't agree on any deal that slams their core idea of no more government bureaucrats taking their money away.

It shows how pathetic our government is when the main two events of how we can't do the right thing for the powerless citizens, and how we highlight the insanity of a nutty party still given undeserved prominence.

The New Overton Window Thread On 12/18/12: The Time Is Now

To explain Obama and his constant "rational centrism" with the WHite House's latest trial ballon with placing the CPI index in danger with the greatness that is Social Security, there has long been a new Overton window in modern day American politics.

The simplistic and lazy labels of "Liberal, Moderate, and Conservative" have done a disservice to the American public for so many years, when the ideas and type of philosophy/policies are much more complicated than those three labels.

With a rise of sellout Democrats throughout the years and a set of Republicans more insane and less capable of lying or deceiving well than "smart Republicans," the margins are so small nowadays where labeling any Democrat a "liberal" like Fixed Propaganda loves to do is simple asinine, as well as knowing which Republicans are the smart, deceiving ones who know how to play the shady Beltway elitist game, and who are just downright Bachmann/Steve King/Allen West nutty.

Instead, a more accurate Overton Window, in terms of ideas and policy, is essential so that the public is well informed about who truly represents a liberal/progressive philosophy and who represents something else other than that.

Despite being a key difference between "Rational Centrist" and "Pure Centrist." They still practice the willingness of centrism instead of purely seeking to fix problems with one definitive set of ideas instead of an amalgamation of good ideas and terrible ones.

Liberal/pure Democratic
Rational Centrist 
Pure Centrist 
Pure Deceiving/Half-Truthing Lying Conservative 
Nutcase Conservative

More on this later, as well as more, at The Whole Delivery.

The Real Feel For 12/17/12: Aloha Indeed

His last words to his staff were "Aloha." Rest in heaven to one of the most underrated figures around in Daniel Inouye.

More at The Whole Delivery later, stay tuned.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Centrism Journalism Critique Thread For 12/17/12: David Gregory Indirectly Did The NRA's Press Sec's Job

David Gregory assumed something as a general fact again without doing his homework, again.
Gregory's suggestion that "we've seen declining support since 1990 for stricter gun control measures" relies on flawed polling data that only asks generic questions about public support for restrictions on firearms. When the public is asked about specific gun violence prevention proposals, large majorities support enacting some further restrictions. An August 9 CNN poll found that 96 percent of Americans support requiring a background check for every gun purchase. 
The same poll found that nearly three-in-five respondents favored banning semi-automatic assault weapons and high-capacity magazines containing more than 10 bullets, like those used in the July 20 mass shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. The CNN poll also found that 76 percent of Americans favored requiring individuals to register their weapons with local law enforcement and 91 percent favored preventing felons and people with mental health problems from owning guns.
Once again, lazy journalism that David Gregory fully believes is the exact truth. When you keep on regurgitating information that is not true but is powerfully assumed as truth in the Beltway centrist big media world, things like this happen and the public is fundamentally misinformed in large numbers for generations.

It's another incomplete or factually just inaccurate statement by Gregory throughout his career (and especially as Meet The Press host), as many have made in the centrist, corporate, huge media world in America.

And the even sadder thing about it is, he may take MORE offense at being inadequate at his high level job once more instead of understanding that he is not some elite journalist, just like the rest of his high level colleagues.

This was not even a complex correction he had to assert with some diligent research for goodness sake. It wasn't about TARP or sequestration matters with the budget. It was simple poll numbers that Gregory didn't even bother to research. Instead, he choose to do the thing he does better than all of his centrist, smug, lazy political news colleagues: Assume something is a definitive fact instead of actually doing the work required to see if it is.

That's David Gregory for you, current king of Centrist journalism media in the Beltway and Manhattan.

Centrist political journalism media in America, where going all the way and getting the exact truth and having courage to say and know the full truth is taboo. Because doing the best journalism possible is completely taboo.   

The 1st Thread For 12/17/12: Not On The Same Page

But hey, at least this is one sign where you don't have to follow the boss' thoughts as a news organization. Then again, Fox News isn't a news organization.

(More at The Whole Delivery to come, stay tuned.) 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

TWD Sports Sunday Thread #2 For 12/16/12: NFL Week 15 Sunday Night- 49ers/Patriots

The elements are already playing a  factor here, but San Francisco will not found like Houston did last week.

Only the Foxboro aura will get to the Niners getting off to a bad start, but if they don't make any mistakes with Kaepernick, then they should get a valuable road win since they are the overall better team with almost as good as coaching. 

TWD Sunday Sports Thread #1 For 12/16/12: 2012-13 NFL Week 15 Early Game Half Time Thoughts

1) For both Eli Manning's Giants and Joe Flacco's Ravens, the worst first halves imaginable. Costly turnovers against quality teams is just a no-no with the margins being so narrow in this league. Especially when momentum has to be sustained.

2) The Falcons and the Texans are showing why they have the records they have, and how difficult they will be to beat at home if they are the #1 seeds in the playoffs. Thomas DeCoud and Asante Samuel have been terrific.

3) If Flacco had an ill advised throw, than Jay Cutler continues to be the king of them. Another shameful throw that cost his team in a must win against the Packers at home.

4) Adrian Peterson shows why he is my MVP of the NFL. To do this against a Rams defense which plays well at home, with no Percy Harvin, and their defense stacked with 8 in the box usually, is just remarkable. One opportunity is all he needs, and he just takes it.

5) Kirk Cousins has settled in after a poor start, but the Redskins' defense and running game need to help him today if they are going to get a huge win in Cleveland.

6) Drew Brees and the Saints have dominated the Bucs today with the consistent intensity that needed all season. In fact, they have played the Bucs like they were Roger Goodell's favorite team.

TWD Sunday ReAl Feel Thread For 12/16/12: Still Believing In More Guns

They still believe "More guns" are the answer:

Having been a judge and reviewed photographs of these horrific scenes and knowing that children have these defensive wounds, gun shots through their arms and hands as they try to protect themselves, and, hearing the heroic stories of the principal, lunging, trying to protect, Chris, I wish to God she had had an M-4 in her office, locked up so when she heard gunfire, she pulls it out and she didn’t have to lunge heroically with nothing in her hands and takes him out and takes his head off before he can kill those precious kids.

Self defense is so important in life, and you have to defend yourself whenever someone tries to attack you at all costs.

But there are other defense mechanisms than more guns as well, and people, amazingly, have survived despite being at the clear disadvantage of "you can't bring a knife to a gun fight."

When knows if Principal Dawn Hochsprung having a gun would have lead to just Adam Lanza dying that day. There's no definitive answer for that.

However, Republicans and sellout centrist Democrats are steadfast to not challenging their NRA brethren and addressing how we need less guns in our American society that is crazed by them.

In short, it's continually lazy and irresponsible for the pro-gun crowd to keep on harboring that more guns would lead to less death. They really need to grow the hell up.

Friday, December 14, 2012

No Courage Even In When It's Most Obviously Needed

Jay Carney said "Today is not the day." Obama's press secretary, in what potentially the worst school shooting in American history numerically, said "Today is not the day."

After all the current and constant gun problems in America's ghettos, after all the "out of nowhere" incidents in Aurora this past summer, Gabby Giffords in 23 months ago, Virginia Tech five years ago, Columbine 13 years ago, and everything else in between where a tragic ending has been caused by a gun in America, from MLK to JFK, from Malcolm X to RFK, Carney said, "Today is not the day."

If today, arguably the worst school shooting in American history, isn't the time to talk and work to fix America's gun problem, then I don't know what time and event is.

Update: Obama's tearful speech

I don't know if Obama's visible emotion and almost tears will lead to "meaningful action," especially with the NRA surrounding Republicans and sellout centrist Democrats. But that emotion and speech struck a tone that frankly is a little more real and less aloof than the tired and tame press conference from Carney today. 

The Break For 12/14/12: At least 27 Bodies, Including 14 Kids, Dead After Connecticut Elementary School Shooting (Latest version)

The Summary:

At least 27 people, including 18 children, are dead after a gunman release gunshots at a Newtown, Connecticut school, Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Update 1: Live coverage of the shooting is ongoing right down below, from local news affiliate WFSB:

Update 2: One little girl interviewed on TV indicated that she saw students bleeding and heard a lot of gun shots. She was rather very calm describing what she saw, which is certainly something to witness.

Update 3: Two hand guns were recovered from the scene, and part of the shootings were taken place in a kindergarden classroom. Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy is being updated on further developments.

Update 4: Now it is being reported by multiple sources that there are at least dozen to 20 bodies that have been shot and injured in this latest tragic gun incident in America.

Update 5: At least 27 bodies have been ruled dead, from CBS News. At least 14 kids and 9 adults from CBS report.

Update 6: Hartford Courant reports that an entire classroom is unaccounted for.

Update 7: Now it's definitely at least 18 children dead, as a SWAT team is in New Jersey trying to break into the home of the gunman reportedly. It is being reported by some that he drove up to Newtown, Connecticut to do his heinous actions. He was 20.

Update 8 for commentary: Two guns at the scene, and the individual has reportedly taken his own life or been killed by police. Every shooting anywhere is a tragedy, and this certainly ranks in terms of mass shooting as arguably the worst gunshooting in an American school, even beyond Columbine.

Update 9: Now CNN is reporting that the death toll could be at 30.

Update 10: If it couldn't get more harrowing, one of the teachers at Sandy Hook was the gunman's mother, as reported by CBS News.

Update 11: After Obama's emotional speech, the Associated Press is reporting that Ryan Lanza's girlfriend and another friend are missing in New Jersey.

Update 12: It's being identified now that it is Adam Lanza and not his brother Ryan Lanza that is the shooter. But either way, damage has been done.

(More from The Whole Delivery, in a chaotic situation, later on. Stay tuned.) 

TWD Friday 1st Thread/The Flashback Fridays #1 For 12/14/12- N*Sync- Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (1998)

Because of it having the taint of N*Snyc, this has always been an underrated Christmas song. And with Gary Coleman in the video, nuff said.

It's the 1998 cheesy holiday semi-hit from Justin Timberlake & Friends, it's "Merry Christmas, Hapy Holidays."

Lighter note: The group is actually German.....Or, to not make your heads explode in what, I did not know that the group's early strength was predicated more on their time in Germany and elsewhere through Europe. So fascinating.

(Friday at The Whole Delivery will continue with more, stay tuned....)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Non-Centrism US Public Official News Thread For 12/13/12: The Series Finale Of Joey Lie's Senate Life

I wrote about how "sad" I was that this day was coming, and now, it has finally come.
It must pain Lieberman that as he leaves as the Senate's biggest corporate whore that no one, not even his beloved Andrea Mitchell, has bothered to even ask for his thoughts on the race on TV (although I'm sure if he ever took up Rachel Maddow's long time requests to have him on her show, she would more than appreciate what he has to say for being the biggest hater of Democratic principles by a former Democrat ever).
Joey Lie's last day in his beloved House of Lords is over. And no one is even taking about.

There are no major eulogies on MSNBC, or CNN, or wherever, and even a lot of people online have forgotten about it, which is a good thing since he really isn't worth giving a damn about.

Of course, he'll try and do more corrupt, selfish, elitist and hateful things that only him and his seclusion unbearable friends would do, whether with his Wellpoint/Aetna/BlueCross buddies in Connecticut and the Beltway, or just going to AIPAC retreats with his buddy buddies, Mr. Original 2nd place to Obama (McCain) and human Huckleberry Hound (Graham). All in the nation of screwing those who aren't powerful is his "modus operandi," making it classic how he's gotten as much attention today as Sharon Angle, which is none.

Whether it's me, or Kos,  or Bouie, or anyone else in the rational online community, no one is shedding a tear on his final day being the non-Republican public official of the worst kind.

So Bye Bye Joey Lie, your legacy of being the opposite of a likable person will always be remembered in full bliss by us all!

(And also, sign a card telling him how you feel about this fatal day in US Congressional history!) 

The Centrism News Runthrough For 12/13/12: Not Dealing with Republican Insanity

Despite being the typical, tremendously diligent career Beltway government official who won't upset the top bosses by moving up and having bad conflicts of interest with the XL Pipeline, Susan Rice withdrew her name from being Hillary Clinton's replacement in Secretary of State really because of the lack of grownup nature that is the Republican Party today in America.

Rice just did not want to deal with the outright stupidity that she has received since September, and could not deal with the likes of McCain, Graham, Susan Collins and a whole bunch of current Republican nutcases doing some nutty things. Her comments and letter to Obama say it all. "If nominated, I am now convinced that the confirmation process would be lengthy, disruptive and costly."

Rice could easily become Obama's National Security advisor for a nice consolation prize without having to deal with Republicans nutcases in the House of Lords (the Senate).

And what's so annoying about this is the fact that even if the tragedy in Benghazi did not happen, the nutcase Republicans would have still found a way to make Rice's confirmation a living hell to be Secretary of State. Clear evidence of that is the pathetic clowns at the Daily Failure claiming that Rice wrote as a student at Stanford in 1986 that all American students should know black history in America.

Another day with how dumb the nutcases are from one party in general.

The S-Thread Thread #1/The S-Thread Runthrough For 12/13/12: Hamilton Makes Angels Lineup More Massive (First Version)

Whether, the Freeway series wars in Los Angeles continues to go even higher levels, with Josh Hamilton leaving the Rangers to go to the Angels to join Albert Pujols, Mike Trout, and an incredible Halo lineup.

Though $25 million is way too much for Hamilton considering he had a decline in the 2nd half last year in terms of at the plate and in the field, the Angels once again have no excuse to not make it "World Series champions or bust."

Moreno didn't want to let the new Dodgers men take the offseason banner.

The Runthrough 

All of this stuff about the real goal all time most goals scored in a single year record now coming out when Lionel Messi passed Gerd Mueller is frankly quite annoying, with a lot of it in my perspective just based on being jealous of Messi and Barcelona in general.

Where was Flamengo at all of these years yelling that Zico had the actual record and not Gerd Mueller? It to me just reeks of petty Brazilian soccer bias at Argentina once more (with Pele not around). And where was Sid Lowe championing Zambian legend Godfrey Chitalu before this week? Instead, he had a perspective that was mostly "I know more than you, so there" perspective. Really just not necessary.

It's just a way to fully diminish Messi's great accomplish to add to his legacy or bona fide someone's individual own shine instead of actually being helpful in trying to find who holds the record truly. 

The 1st Thread For 12/13/12: Because We Can't Get Rid of 12-12-12

The fact that Kanye, who is from Chicago, performed at the 12-12-12 concert Wednesday night at MSG shows how hastily organized and one-dimensional the creation of an otherwise great show. It's what happens when you have myopic big corporations like Chase and GE organize usual fundraisers like this.

When you have alternative pop rock legends on the stage like that (and Billy Joel, an accomplished legend in his own right, regardless of how some think he really isn't and has never been rock music), it clearly is a night of epic performers on the same stage that you frankly will only be organized a hand full of times in life.

But let's be honest here. The higher-ups who organized this event just really catered it to a middle to late aged white crowd here in the five borough area, as the cameras predominantly showed. And they only picked Kanye (and Alicia Keys) because well, they were major stars who the middle aged white crowd would know instead of even a Nas, DMX, or Busta Rhymes.

For that matter, it was the concert for the middle age white male crowd since it was actually that demographic being the main crowd of the show. (And a reunited Nirvana really pleased the real fans of that great group).

However, it wasn't just areas with predominantly white people residing in them that were affected in Sandy. All races were affected by Sandy for sure in New York's five boroughs, three island metropolitan atmosphere.

And with it being arguably the most diverse city (though that's more because of the other boroughs and not the "main city borough" that is Manhattan), it really would have been a true New York concert with more local artists and an amalgamation of different genres with different age groups to appeal to all audiences and not one demographic.

And not just hip-hop/rap New York artists I'm talking here. Barbara Streisand, Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz, and many others who aren't just the old school legendary rock pop male artists who are white would have represented a full diverse show instead of it being limited and one-dimensional like it was. I mean, there were more British artists on stage performing than there were New York artists.

(And let's not even go there on the concert not even recognizing Occupy Sandy, although even local news networks have barely recognized it, despite the problems it has had on some areas).

Let's just hope the money goes to the right sources considering the constant problems transpiring with people still not having electricity in certain areas and no homes of course.

But frankly, the issues of money allocated to areas damaged by storms in America (and elsewhere) go a lot deeper than just telethon fundraisers.

                         Alicia Keys closes out the 12-12-12 concert at Madison Square Garden

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Fun Thread #1 For 12/12/12: Another Epic Rap Battle of History

One Calvin Broadus as the guest on the latest of Simon Peter's "Epic Rap Battles" of history. Here is he  as Moses vs Santa Claus in a Christmas holiday special.

Enjoy it, though to be honest, for those knowing how to flow, Snopp was a bit off flow.

The Centrist Media Thread #1 For 12/12/12: Schooling Centrist Media

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Attention all journalists everywhere, especially American Beltway centrist journalists who are smart enough to just report the facts instead of do "both sides" stenography: One Thomas Mann has a message for you, again.

Do your job!

That's what he had to tell Chuck Todd directly Tuesday morning, as him and Norm Ornstein continue to make some inside the Beltway upset for basically calling the Republicans for being the nutcases that they have become as a collective whole and messing up the Beltway centrist elite's lovely "popcorn watching" that kicks liberals and the underdog in American society down.

Now Mann and Ornstein are irrelevant now because their past DC Beltway elitism has caught back up with them instead of being truth-tellers overall, as more "cooler" and "hipper" centrist and Republicans who only care about the wealthy in this nation have passed them, whether on the Murdoch nutcase media enterprise or the Breitbarts, Norquists, Eric Ericksons, and unstable people in this world.

Nevertheless, while others in the old Beltway elite have stayed quiet or continue to treat Republicans as legitimate, Mann and Ornstein have had enough with the nutcases exposing how ridiculous conservatives have always been and making the right less sophisticated in half-truthing and outright mendacity (online has also helped that too in a major fashion, of course).

As we all know in the rational, political American world since their noteworthy column in April's The Washington Post column calling out the media for giving the unstable people leeway, Mann and Ornstein are viewed as pariahs with the capital's elite despite still being well respected with those same people.

Though the Chuck Todds, David Gregorys, Candy Crowleys, Martha Raddatzs or anyone in major Beltway/Manhattan news media in this country will continue to go with treating both sides like they are legit, Mann let it be known to Todd directly what the primary job is for any journalist to do for the public:
"It's not to cover and use sort of an artificial ballot. It's to remember your job, to tell the truth and report it as accurately as you can, even if it might embarrass you because it tends to favor one party over the other." 
Todd had the nerve to falsely equate liberal activists trying to "delegitimize the press" with conservative nutcases, when liberal activists are actually trying to make it better by getting people who actually know what they are talking about as centers of journalism.

And you can only get the journalism required for American society by getting people who know what they are talking about and are not scared by interests or immature news bosses.

But frankly Todd nor any of his centrist news colleagues in the Beltway/Manhattan elite media will understand or accept their wrong and incomplete journalism as something that needs to change.

(More from The Whole Delivery later on today)

The 1st Thread For 12/12/12: Dozen, Dozen, Getting Down On Dozen

It usually gets overshadowed as just the unglamorous last year before adolescence, but does get the love from all the baker's of the world. Today, we salute you, glamorous #12.

Days when the day, month, and year have numerical uniformity are just amazing.

Whether it was 8/8/88 (Though I was age 1 and can't remember that day), or 9/9/99, 10/10/10, 11/11/11, or this day, it's special. Because there will be no 13/13/13 or higher. You get 12 months a year and that's it.

So may your 12/12/12 be smooth or has been smoothed if you are on the Eastern Hemisphere of the world.

(More of The Whole Delivery to come, please stay tuned.)  

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Fun Thread #2 For 12/11/12: Dozen Madness

The CredJoe Songer/AL.com/Landov, Family Picture

This is freaky, hilarious, and definitely special:
Kreg Ryan Gunter of Belleville, Ill., and Kiam Moriya of Birmingham, Ala., will both turn 12 on 12/12/12 — Ryan at 12:12 a.m., Kiam at 12:12 p.m. 
They are among what is likely only a small handful of U.S. children who can claim that many 12s among their birthday stats. 
Based on statistics from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 4 million babies were born in the United States in 2000 — an average of about eight in any given minute. So far though, only these two boys have come to the attention of the media.
Also, what makes this special is that this is the only time I think I have and will ever link to The Daily.

More from The Whole Delivery later, just stay tuned.

An Additional Postscript On "OMG, is That White Tennis Player Racist ?!"

A few responses on Twitter from the critical post down below. Now Sports TV producer Jeff Freeman, who is a good sir, definitely does a great job of being aware of racial problems in America and globally. I give him credit for that.

But there are a few troubling things from his comments below: 

Freeman said in that section of highlighted tweets above, "However when you're in a position of celebrity as she is, she has to be so careful. People could definitely be offended and, just because Serena thinks it's fine, doesn't mean it may not offend someone else. I agree with you on the most part but not everyone is open-minded and intelligent. She needs to be mindful of the audience where she is doing this." 

I have a major problem with this, and why us in the news media have got to stop treating the audience like ignorant and not intelligent spectators.

The ONLY people who have a right to be offended are those who actually know what is going on and what is being perceived, and that is the problem here.

We have to stop treating people in TV as kids and instead as adults, and inform them of any wrong things in the field of news that we cover. If people are still offended, then they are fully being irrational and frankly idiotic in that instance. That is their problem, not rational society's problem.

At what limits do we set on Wozniacki by telling her to limit what she does and when she does it, especially when SHE IS NOT committing a shameful action here?

So now Wozniacki has to act a certain way and not be as candid because she would offend "some people?" Nonsense.

Wozniacki should be mindful if she is doing a frankly idiotic thing, and she is not here. Where was all this outrage last year? I really do need to know.

Frankly, this all comes down to us in America and globally being able to analyze racism and race issues well. And frankly sometimes, when we don't have all the facts and make lazy assumptions, we tend to be quite horrible in that department.

And also, Jon doesn't need a response from her about this to ask about the reaction. As I told him on Twitter, though it's great that he is cautious of just outright racist people in general and how it "looks bad," that he, like every other elite tennis journalists who knows the history of Caroline Wozniacki and Serena Williams, need to correct them.

If prominent tennis journalists did their job and had a consistent vocal presence, they would prevent non-tennis news sources from crying racism and leading to broad, inaccurate discussions out in the mainstream public on this story, like on ABC's The View today:

Could have all been avoided if tennis journalists got out on the story and actually had courage to correct people on this. Sadly, when we don't have enough diversity in those positions to handle race related subjects in a sport now not featuring exclusively white people, then that tends to happen.

Further Thoughts On Other Tweet Responses

The assumption that all black women, especially black American women, have the same physique as Serena, made by even black people. 

We (and I mean everyone, every race) have got to get past that, because it is not true. Venus Williams and Serena would tell you that, and basically every rational person not scared of the simple truth, whether a black women or not. 

Finally, on this whole issue, I just wish people who aren't sports journalists with decent to large platforms in news media, whether TV, traditional print or online, actually talk to someone who is a sports analysis (and specifically one that's from a particular sport) to get the full narrative and actually know what's going on.

In fact, that needs to be the case with EVERY genre of news, no matter what it is. The world is too interconnected to not find someone in the news world who is an expert in that department of news you are writing or reporting about.

(More of on The Whole Delivery, later on today).   

The S-Thread Thread For 12/11/12: When Analyzing Racism Completely and Idiotically Wrong.

It really is annoying whenever someone talks about someone they don't know in a negative light without knowing at least some semblance about that person.

It's even more annoying and disturbing when supposed journalists or news organizations talk about a person without knowing their backstory and lumping them recklessly with incongruous and idiotic assumptions.

It gets yours' truly to his boiling point when I witness people who have no sense of sports journalism, and in particularly tennis journalism, and indolently do a report about a player without any knowledge of that player before that player's current incident enters the mainstream discussion, leading supposed journalists to write a poor piece not cognizant of who they are writing about.

Today, we have been presented with that very sad and ridiculous case.

For those casual tennis (or sports) fans or not, but know about Serena Williams, here's a quick runthrough on this asinine and completely mind-numbingly dumb lumping of Caroline Wozniacki somehow now being a racist, especially from black websites that have no clue about Wozniacki and her friendship of Serena.

Currently, it's offseason for both the ATP and WTA tennis players before the 2013 starts in January in Australia. That means it's exhibition time, and on Friday/Saturday, Serena, Caroline, Victoria Azarenka and Maria Sharapova took part in Roger Federer's Gillette Tour in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Transitioning right to the point, some players in exhibitions understand that it's a completely meaningless endeavor and it's time to entertain the crowd. Some players like Wozniacki or Andy Roddick, or Serena even, have the ability to just be entertainers, whether they are funny or spectacularly unfunny. Either way, it shows a diverse side of a player not being just a stiff on court, but a galvanizing personality.

Wozniacki is one of the most colorful characters in all of sports, as well as one of the more amicable people in general.

Most importantly, in her impersonating Serena's physique over the weekend in her exhibition match with Sharapova, are three key points:

1) Serena Williams really likes and gets alone quite well with Caroline Wozniacki, something these black websites who only know Serena and Venus Williams and don't have a competent sports reporter or tennis reporter fail to realize before babbling "Oh, white racial ignorance again!" 

2) Caroline Wozniacki impersonated Serena Williams before, during last year's exhibition season in Slovakia, after she was impersonating Dominika Cibulkova too!

3) Caroline Wozniacki is not the only top player and friend to imitate Serena before. Andy Roddick, a long time friend of Serena for those not fans of tennis, imitates Serena too in exhibitions as well

Yet, we had NewsOne, and then The Root, and then Black Voices on Huffington Post irresponsibly fan the flames and trump up the "racist" word without even knowing an iota of Wozniacki or her friendship with Serena Williams.

And now, even good people at Salon and other sites, without even knowing Wozniacki, have come in with the headline to ask the question of the Danish star's actions and intent being potentially racist.

I mean, goodness gracious, Wozniacki was the only female player to visit Serena in the hospital last year when she had her major pulmonary embolism, as well as go to Miami Heat games with Serena in the past! She's not stereotyping black women, she is impersonating just Serena Williams!

This is what happens when people talk abut stories and people they don't know, especially when it comes to sports and in particular, modern day tennis.

And it is so vital and essential that tennis journalists who cover Wozniacki (like myself) and know how friendly Serena is with her and viceversa to correct all the stupid assumptions and reports of Caroline Wozniacki being racial insensitive to Serena Williams.  

The Fun Thread #1 For 12/11/12: What's Your Favorite Video Highlight Of 2012

What's your funniest moment of 2012? There were many truly great and painful moments in ever year, it's life.

One great human moment of the year was during Tennis Channels coverage of Wimbledon, when Chris Evert gave Martina Navratilova a ring from the Tennis Hall of Fame.

It really showed how great these two ladies friendship is despite being fierce rivals in the 80's, and how funny they are together, especially the charismatic risktaker that is Evert.

Martina truly has the most intrepid Twitter page of any current or ex-athlete, and Evert is no softie PR person on the birdie protocol either. It's a shame they are only limited to tennis broadcasts, because they really are fantastic personalities.

The Whole Delivery will continue later on today, please stay tune.

The 1st Thread For 12/11/12: Wanting To Be The Next Scott Walker

Who in the hell actually wants to be the next Scott Walker in America? Well, one Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and his Republican nutcases, as they are on the verge of stripping collective bargaining rights.

Let this be a lesson to never vote for a Republican, especially in these times. When you have people who hate government that run government, and hate workers rights at the expense of the boss, then these things will continue to happen throughout the nation. It's a reason why we already have 23 "Right-to-Work" states.

Unions will get it wrong from time to time. But ALL people do. We're human beings for goodness sake, especially in America, when we are placed in that position because we have people at the top too immature to run businesses, make decisions, and admit they screwed up.

Most importantly, all unions, whether you are a tough middle class bluecollar worker or an actor trying to make it in Hollywood with SAG (Screen Actors Guild), are there to fundamentally protect its workers and show an unselfish collective for the voiceless.

And nutcases like Snyder and every Republican in the country (smart liar or insane idiot) continues to do what they have to do.

(More to come at The Whole Delivery, please stay tuned)..........

Monday, December 10, 2012

The S-Thread Live #2 For 12/10/12 (First Thread):

FINAL: Patriots 42, Texans 14

Well, the key matchup in this contest was whether Gary Kubiak's staff would equal Bill Belichick's and frankly, that has been a complete mismatch, especially in the 2nd quarter. 

Of course, two key plays in the game decided early for a Patriots sound win in another big game, although the Pats have had many of those at Foxboro in the last few years on Monday night. 

Not recovering Steven Ridley's fumble on the first Patriots drive was massive, and Matt Schaub missing a key checkdown that lead to the interception by Devin McCourty was all she wrote. 

Thankfully for Houston, they still have their own destiny to control for home field, and this did not happen in the playoffs. With Indianapolis twice (yes, stupid NFL scheduling) and Minnesota left, the Texans definitely called shop early. 

And when the Patriots smell blood, well, there you go. 

Photo from ESPN.com

Key injuries for both teams. The Texans have been dealing for weeks without defensive quarterback Brian Cushing, while New England is now without improving Julian Edelman joining Rob Gronkowski on the injury list.

The key matchups tonight in this AFC game of the year.

Texans' Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips vs Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels 

A battle of two of the AFC's best features arguably the two best coaching staffs in the conference. While Belichick and company get the pub, Kubiak and Phillips are a terrific tandem and have done a wonderful job. They are not inferior to Belichick and company.

Texans DL's JJ Watt and Shaun Cody vs Patriots OL's Ryan Wendell, Dan Connolly, and Sebastian Vollmer. 

It's massive for McDaniels to establish a running game again tonight behind Ridley, Woodhead, and Vereen to keep Phillips off balance and not really give confusion to Brady and his pass catches.

And also, of course, for Vollmer and Connoly not to have to deal with Watt and a mixture of Mercilus and Ruud coming in on the blitz.

That will be the key of many huge matches, and more of them to come here at The Whole Delivery.

TWD Non-Centrism US Politics Thread For 12/10/12 (First Version): The Anti-Centrist Beltway Reporter

In an era where the average Beltway reporter still practices "both sides still do it, both sides say this" incompetent journalism, it really is refreshing that Greg Sargent continues to never be that and just report facts.

To do this everyday at a powerful newspaper like The Washington Post, where the era of centrism and not upsetting the elite for their hypocrisy and lies is most reporter's objective, Sargent continues to just do the job that other reporters in DC don't have the courage to do: honest journalism.

I definitely planned to do this last week for sure for Greg, and I'm just glad that he continues to work through a lot of constant incompetency in the Beltway when it comes to American news.

A lot of reporters think they are doing a hell of a job in the nation's capital. But Greg Sargent can be one of the rare few actually doing just that.

You can follow his blog on a daily here, as well as his tweets here

The Music Notes Thread #1 For 12/10/12 (Final Version): The Glaring Problem For Today's Artists

An image of now late singer Jenni Rivera (Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)  

This op-ed in the New York Times yesterday from K'Naan perfectly exhibited what's wrong with the music industry, especially in America, today.

Now the Somalian-Canadian artist, now based in Manhattan, has publicly talked about how music execs were hoping that it was his best interest to water down his real music so 15-year-old American girls could be his 4th CD, Country, God or The Girl.
Over breakfast in SoHo, we talked about how to keep my new American audience growing. My lyrics should change, my label’s executives said; radio programmers avoid subjects too far from fun and self-absorption. 
And for the first time, I felt the affliction of success. When I walked away from the table, there were bruises on the unheard lyrics of my yet-to-be-born songs. A question had raised its hand in the quiet of my soul: What do you do after success? What must you do to keep it? 
If this was censorship, I thought, it was a new kind — one I had to do to myself. The label wasn’t telling me what to do. No, it was just giving me choices and information, about my audience — 15-year-old American girls, mostly, who knew little of Somalia. How much better to sing them songs about Americans.
Which America girls I wonder where those execs referring to? And do those execs honestly believe that 15-year-olds are the only ones interested in buying CDs or singles still today?

That they are too stupid to actually know what is quality, original music conveying real life and what is the same standard crap from the same producers and song writers making mainstream American music even more homogenous now then it's ever been?

The foolish decisions at the top in certain spots in this country is just so sad.

Now CBC Radio's Matt Galloway raised a great question on Twitter, on whether K'naan would have written this if his current third album sold well here in America, and it actually led to K'Naan replying to him and fine Canadian music interviewer Jian Ghomeshi in a candid fashion about his changes.

I hope he would have too, as well as any artist encouraged or forced to change their style because of music execs' pressure. This executives need to understand that rappers and other music artists not requiring the services of a songwriter don't have a problem making one or two songs that could be massive singles for anyone to play, so as long as they are given freedom to say whatever they want to the rest of their album or mixtapes.

Unfortunately, executives who have no semblance of ever making a record themselves or any type of music get scared or angry because one song could really make them and their friends at the top so uncomfortable. It's so sad.

The Runthrough 

Major condolences for Jenni Rivera. Wonderful lady who overcame her own issues of domestic violence, and to have to die like that is harrowing. Not being in control of your destiny is life's roughest challenge.

The Game is really still trying. He might as well just rely on that reality show.

After appearing on Saturday Night Live with jamie Foxx (more on that later), 2Chainz gives relationship advice. Yup, you read right.

For fans of Beck, here's news on him.

Rob Kardashian's favorite person in the world has out a new song.

Just to let you know, I still haven't look at the Grammy award nominations. 

The S-Thread Runthrough For 12/10/12 (1st Version): Cameron Fired As Ravens' Defensive Coordinator

After two straight losses, John Harbaugh & Ozzie Newsome, the Ravens out of nowhere have decided to axed offensive coordinator Cam Cameron and replace him with B coach Jim Caldwell.

Though it is quite the overreaction, what did Cameron in was that disastrous first series in overtime that produced an embarrassing three and out for Joe Flacco, Ray Rice and company against an atrocious Redskins defense.

Quite frankly, the Ravens should have drove and scored the game winning touchdown on that drive, but instead saw just a few plays later tasting defeat and maybe losing a first round "BYE" in the AFC playoffs for good.

Nevertheless, to do this with three games left remaining in the season is quite the shakeup. But Cameron really irritated Harbaugh and Newsome to the point yesterday that it was maybe not just an overreaction at all.

Still, firing the coordinator for a Super Bowl contender right at the end of the season is something I can't ever recall.

(More to come, from The Whole Delivery......)

The Runthrough

The NHL just might as well cancel the rest of its season for good. The owners have disgraced the sport by just trying to take more money from the players.

Robert Griffin has a sprained ankle, but even if it's thankfully just that, we know how key his mobility is to that entire offensive and team overall. Griffin is capable of being as accurate as any quarterback (including Rodgers, Manning, Brady, Roethlisberger and Brees) in the league, but he's not as seasoned to rely on passing the ball 40 times a game just in the pocket.

Not saying he would be as mistake prone as Andrew Luck has having to throw it 40 or 50 times, but that's a big adjustment.

Taylor Townsend has finished the year as the #1 junior tennis female player in the ITF rankings. Maybe Patrick McEnroe can give Townsend an apology for his ridiculous treatment of her. It would be as deserving as this idiot who ran up and heckled Townsend about her weight. I just really do hope this girl succeeds big time.

Speaking of McEnroes, John won another legends title on Sunday, beating Mats Wilander. He truly loves the game.

And with Lionel Messi setting the record in most goals scored at the highest level by a male player, passing Gerd Mueller, maybe it would be right for Andres Iniesta to give his UEFA player of the Year award to Messi. I mean, it would only be right to do just as so.

The S-Thread Runthrough at The Whole Delivery. 

The 1st Thread/Music Energy Boost For 12/10/12: Rick Ross ft. Smalley- Ten Jesus Pieces (2012)

Just because I play this song doesn't mean I co-sign it. In fact, he probably didn't even write the lyrics to it.

And I also bring this video up because he had to cancel the rest of his tour from basically sounding too hard when he just is not that.

But enjoy this fake Rick Ross featuring Smalley with "Ten Jesus Pieces."

Sunday, December 9, 2012

TWD Sunday Sports Thread #2 For 12/9/12: 2012 NFL Week 14 Early Game Halftime Thoughts

An excellent first half for Joe Flacco against the Redskins (Photo from Patrick Semansky of the Associated Press)

1) Ugly first halves the Jets-Jaguars and Bills-Rams. The Jets and Rams offenses certainly aren't playing like they still have a realistic shot at being in the postseason.

2) Best first half of defense all season long by the Panthers, but the Falcons offensive line just has not showed up whatsoever. Just three rushing yards, 35 yards total? Cam Newton has completely dominated them.

3) It was always set up as a trap game for the Colts today against a Titans team that probably should have defeated them in their first game of the season. But Andrew Luck is at home, and is always ready to gunsling in a dome for a comeback.

4) Another Sunday where the Cowboys just can't run the football. Their line is not helping DeMarco Murray and Tony Romo against this vaunted pass of Cincinnati.

5) As expected, it's an offensive shoutout in the battle of the Beltway with the Ravens and the 'Skins. But a key turnover has been the difference in why Baltimore is up at the half. Both quarterbacks have showed why they are top tier, especially Flacco today. He needed a bounce back from last Sunday, and he has done just that.......... so far.

TWD Sunday Sports Thread #1 For 12/9/12: 2012-13 Barclays Premier League (Manchester Derby Recap)

Final: Manchester City 2-3 Manchester United 

In all honesty, City were never truly deserving of a point. United through Rooney, Young, Valencia
and Van Persie had much more cutting edge and clarity, as the first half showed. 

Ever the constant playmaker for Van Persie at the start of the season, Wayne Rooney is definitely now finding himself in places to show his class finishing and get higher on the goal list.

As always, at least in the league under Mancini the last season and a half, City play their best when it seems like everything is about to crumble. Tevez gave them the lead man play that Balotelli hasn't given them all season, and with Johnny Evans out, City's persistence was able to cause United's defense to leak more goals this year.

But thankfully for United, they didn't start off on the back foot this time, and always kept their nerve whenever adversity hits in a match (Barcelona aside).

Despite the comeback from City, Van Persie's defection past Joe Hart was a deserving winner on a day where United established themselves as the best team at the near halfway point of the best domestic competition in the world. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

TWD Saturday Sports Thread For 12/8/12: The 1st Freshman For the 12th Man (Recap)

Johnny Manziel is the winner of the 2012 Heisman Trophy, with Mantei Te'o getting the highest votes ever for a defensive only player. 

Manziel really spoke so well and gracious, especially espousing love for the family of Joseph Villavisencio after the tragedy of the offensive lineman's death this past summer.  

Te'o really did come close, losing 2,029 to 1706 points in the final total. But in the end, defense wins championships, but offense (especially quarterbacks) get Heismans. 

Te'o should win the award overall, since he has been outstanding in every game this season, something that Klein and certainly Manziel has not been. In fact, Manziel should really be in last place out of all these three terrific players.

Manziel had mediocre games with poor halves against Florida and LSU at home, with Klein's only so-so day really was on that evening three weeks ago in Waco to end Kansas State's realistic hopes at a BCS title game appearance (a shame for sure).

More than his 7 INT's and tackles, the impact that Te'o had on his defensive teammates, especially to help his middle of the road secondary, was massive.  

The Reel Feel Thread For 12/8/12: Even At This Place, The Defenseless Is Not Safe...

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

"I think we come back to the entitlement question. The Democrats should actually be in favor of certain kinds of progressive entitlement reform, it's not actually that big of a give..... One of the big concerns is doing too much fiscal austerity too soon in 2013. The more that you did in the form of, say, social security, one of the things with Social Security, which can be phrased in gradually over time, the lighter the load imposed in 2013." - Peter Orszag

Personally, I like Erza Klein, especially after meeting him once in person. He's genuinely a nice guy overall for sure, and we know how intelligent he is from exploding onto the scene with consistent diligence on budgets at The American Prospect.

Most people would probably say the same about Peter Orszag genuinely as a person. Nice guy who is definitely quite a personality for a lot of wonk people who aren't able to be personalities like he has been and is his own man.

They know their stuff and never mind talking about, and it's never a problem whenever Klein talks to Orszag on his Washington Post centrist blog. They are both smart, rational guys.

But it's a problem with Klein talks to Orszag, currently in his Citigroup phrase, when the former Obama budget director is allowed to advocate freely for raising the age of Medicare on Rachel Maddow's show  of all MSNBC shows and go unchallenged like he did Friday evening.

It's one thing from a renowned and notorious party hack like Jonathan Chait to agree with raising the Medicare age, as he is the same loon that advocated for Iraq and many centrist Democratic, nutty things that have turned out to be a representation of why many Americans (and abroad) view both sides as untrustworthy and American politics as a whole as the reason why our democracy is really awful.

But it's even worse when this advocating against pure Democratic values transpired on a usually progressive and rational show like Rachel Maddow. Now I believe Rachel would not have allowed Orszag's advocating to go unchallenged if she was doing the questioning, but it was so troubling to see that happening on her show regardless of who was hosting.

Austerity is a failure for any society that has mediocre unemployment and/or lower taxes on its highest income bracket. We have seen the pain it has caused modern Western Europe, and only heartless or "immune to fiscal," pain wealthy people would have no problem implementing failed cutting ideas.

Our spending problem in America is only on our bloated military spending, not on social spending. Moreover, our real problem in America, thanks to radical conservative Republican philosophy introduced by the Cheney/Bush administration with tax cuts, is a revenue problem.

And it's something Peter Orszag and Ezra Klein just won't have, sadly, the outright courage to say repeatedly.

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