TWD Sports Sunday Thread #1 For 12/30/12: 2012-13 NFL Regular Season Finale Thread, Early Games


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1) Another forgettable first half for that Lions secondary, as their angles on Earl Bennett's long touchdown run was just unbearable. Still, Stafford's ability to gunsling comeback and Cutler's ability to screw any quality situation up always puts the Bears in danger here.

2) Arian Foster and the offensive line for the Texans just have not been the same as they where at the start of the season, and so far, Matt Schaub is not rising to the occasion.

3) On the end of that Texans/Colts game, the emotion for Chuck Pagano is certainly caring their offensive and defensive lines.

4) For Andy Reid's last game, this is just quite sad and pathetic how his tenure as coach of the Eagles is ending.

(Post game analysis of only the meaningful games, to come in their conclusion. Stay tuned to TWD). 
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