2012 Year End Shoutouts From This Site and Person Behind This Site

Just want to take some time to give major shoutouts to news friends in general for how great they have been in 2012 to me in both a professional and personable sense.

First, major love has to be given to the one and only Mona Eltahawy. It really was awesome to see how awesome you are in general, and definitely hope there will be no major illness like you've had at 2012's end. You definitely deserve that shoutout first in terms of being shouted out first and foremost.

And it's so great that you and Melissa have stuck such a great friendly bound. Big shoutout for that for sure.

Hard News/Political: 

As always, the entire folks from Daily Kos, with Markos being a major reason why I even have an audience these last few years, as well as a major shoutout to David Waldman, allowing me on his radio show and setting the seeds for show of mine down the line.

I will always appreciate him for sure for that, and definitely hope in 2013 it will continue.

Definitely to Rachel Maddow and some in MSNBC staff for even giving my article love during their RNC coverage, as well as Kay Steiger editing it, and me for being again at Raw Story in the first place thanks to Megan Carpentier and Rox Cooper. They ALWAYS will be in full gratitude from me, no matter where or how far I go.

Also 2012 major praise for me personally for North Carolina dean David Edwards, always a solid guy who will always be firmly in my heart too, as well as Steph Webster, Eric Dolan, the energetic David Ferguson, and everyone else in general associated with Raw at my time. And yes, that includes John (who I never met), and Mike.  

One of the awesome ppls I met in 2012, one Mona!

Hard News/Political Part 2: 

Also want to always give major praise to David Dayen, who frankly deserves more visibility as time goes on for his persistence to get to the bottom line while growing into one of the best online political voices in general.

There's a lot of people who are either in the know or not afraid to say anything in online US politics (and in US politics/news in general), but there are few like Dayen who truly has a combination of both.

A huge congrats to the terrific Kate Sheppard and her great 2012, professionally and personally. She's always been the right blind of fully knowledgeable/passionate about her beat (she's second to none in environmental stuff), while establishing her own controlled but stern voice (HeckuvaJob Brownie a prime example of that).

Really was a great 2012 especially a deserved break from blogging, but hopefully a return for him in any political sense for his commentary and thoughts.

Major appreciation for Jamison Foser consistently taking the steps of analyzing how awful our high level centrist political media is, major great stellar people that I have had a connection and conversation with for sure.

Hard News/Political Part 3: 

Without a doubt, from Chris giving me respect while owning the most straight forward and honest show in US cable media, to seeing Jeremy also still giving respect, and finally meeting Glenn in person, which was terrific, those three for sure had to be included in the final shoutout.

Despite my ups and downs with the Huff Post Live staff, there are a few who didn't hide and I definitely just appreciate as people in general. I appreciate Marc, Ahmed, and Abby for having me to even be on online TV while being at least solid people overall, and Nancy is always a class act.

Sports World 

In the sports news world in general, specifically with tennis, with major appreciation to the terrific and diligent Christopher Clarey, who treated me with full respect and overall appreciation.

Also to Jon Wertheim, who was willing to understand any perspective and to not block himself from any justified opinions and criticism, which is rare with tennis folks at big publications who aren't able to cover the sport on an every weekly basis.

Simon Cambers, who thankfully was one rare tennis journalist who knew who Caroline Wozniacki was and would not cower under the ridiculous notion of even discussing if she was racist unlike other supposed tennis journalists, is always deserving of full praise.

Also major credit to the classy Darren Cahill and energetic Brad Gilbert, two down to Earth guys who will still talk to you despite their hectic schedules. Definitely stay the same gentlemen.

Although we didn't end it on full accord, definitely still appreciate talking to Howard Bryant and his respect for me throughout the last year, especially meeting him personally. That's history that cannot be erased, and I have full gratitude for him just for that, regardless of anything happening otherwise.

Music/Other Stuff 

From Paige Thomas to a few other producers on the X-Factor, definitely major shoutouts to them for sure.

See you all in 2013, which will be tomorrow.

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