TWD Sunday Sports Thread #1 For 12/16/12: 2012-13 NFL Week 15 Early Game Half Time Thoughts

1) For both Eli Manning's Giants and Joe Flacco's Ravens, the worst first halves imaginable. Costly turnovers against quality teams is just a no-no with the margins being so narrow in this league. Especially when momentum has to be sustained.

2) The Falcons and the Texans are showing why they have the records they have, and how difficult they will be to beat at home if they are the #1 seeds in the playoffs. Thomas DeCoud and Asante Samuel have been terrific.

3) If Flacco had an ill advised throw, than Jay Cutler continues to be the king of them. Another shameful throw that cost his team in a must win against the Packers at home.

4) Adrian Peterson shows why he is my MVP of the NFL. To do this against a Rams defense which plays well at home, with no Percy Harvin, and their defense stacked with 8 in the box usually, is just remarkable. One opportunity is all he needs, and he just takes it.

5) Kirk Cousins has settled in after a poor start, but the Redskins' defense and running game need to help him today if they are going to get a huge win in Cleveland.

6) Drew Brees and the Saints have dominated the Bucs today with the consistent intensity that needed all season. In fact, they have played the Bucs like they were Roger Goodell's favorite team.

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