TWD Notes' Most Tolerable Songs of 2012 For 12/20/12: Nelly Furtado- The Spirit Indestructible

Without a doubt, the tremendous and yet remarkably still underrated global superstar that is Nelly Furtado had one of the best releases overall in music, especially in the continued predictably of radio's desperate, American pop music.

And though "The Spirit Indestructible" was not the first single on her 5th album, as "Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)" got that honor, there's a reason why it was strong enough to hold the title for this song and her latest CD overall.

You just don't hear many songs about people's self-determination from either gender in Western music, a perspective that is from an underdog's position. It wasn't about "party tonight," let me get a great party word or phrase to get a great hit, as most songs nowadays on the Billboard Top 100 focuses on, no matter if they are truly have great instrumentals and are pleasing to listen to.

Instead, with Furtado the message is always real and pure, and she is always intune to the story of the downtrodden in never a combative way, but in an inspirational optimist way of controlled perseverance in delight in overcoming challenges.

That opinion is backed up by her being inspired to write the song based on the amazing story of legless Spencer West and his climb up Mount Kilmanjaro.

So, one of 2012 best songs by far, it's Nelly Furtado with "The Spirit Indestructible."   

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