The New Overton Window Thread On 12/18/12: The Time Is Now

To explain Obama and his constant "rational centrism" with the WHite House's latest trial ballon with placing the CPI index in danger with the greatness that is Social Security, there has long been a new Overton window in modern day American politics.

The simplistic and lazy labels of "Liberal, Moderate, and Conservative" have done a disservice to the American public for so many years, when the ideas and type of philosophy/policies are much more complicated than those three labels.

With a rise of sellout Democrats throughout the years and a set of Republicans more insane and less capable of lying or deceiving well than "smart Republicans," the margins are so small nowadays where labeling any Democrat a "liberal" like Fixed Propaganda loves to do is simple asinine, as well as knowing which Republicans are the smart, deceiving ones who know how to play the shady Beltway elitist game, and who are just downright Bachmann/Steve King/Allen West nutty.

Instead, a more accurate Overton Window, in terms of ideas and policy, is essential so that the public is well informed about who truly represents a liberal/progressive philosophy and who represents something else other than that.

Despite being a key difference between "Rational Centrist" and "Pure Centrist." They still practice the willingness of centrism instead of purely seeking to fix problems with one definitive set of ideas instead of an amalgamation of good ideas and terrible ones.

Liberal/pure Democratic
Rational Centrist 
Pure Centrist 
Pure Deceiving/Half-Truthing Lying Conservative 
Nutcase Conservative

More on this later, as well as more, at The Whole Delivery.

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