TWD Sports Sunday Thread #1 For 12/23/12: 2012-13 NFL Week 16 Sunday Early Games (First Version)

Biggest early game schedule of the season with 11 kickoffs at the 1 PM ET hour.

Realistically in terms of both teams needing the win for playoff importance, only three of those contests matter.

Christian Ponder, or Morris Claiborne returning to the Cowboys secondary vs Brees, and the efficiency from injury in Robert Griffin's comeback, will be the three key people to watch for the most in this large early game window.

Halftime standout points 

1) All the pressure to perform today was on Christian Ponder today, and in this first half, he has done so. Has made the correct throws and playmaked in timely fashion.  Outstanding first half vs the Texans

2) Robert Griffin, superb so far considering coming back from injury, and slowly giving the Redskins the lead over a game Eagles side in likely Andy Reid's final home game in Philly.

3) Another INT TD score for the Colts as Darius Butler took it all the way on Brady Quinn to lead the Colts to a playoff appearance no one thought was going to happen this year.

4) Speaking of more INT's. Josh Freeman continues to make you question if he is going to be an elite QB in this NFL. Another two bad picks today, though the same could almost be sad of Sam Bradford despite Bradford having a little more excuses for not rising to his terrific talent.

5) Morris Claiborne's return has not made a difference to slowing done Drew Brees. It maybe one of those "who has the ball" last scenarios.

6) Tom Brady had arguably his worst start of a game this season, considering the opposition and season. Nevertheless, it's still the Patriots vs the Jaguars, and you still favorite the patriots in C+ mode to beat the Jaguars in A mode. 
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