The Ridiculous Centrism....Only Highlighted Further By A Nutty Right

(Continued from earlier)

No matter if you're a centrist honestly trying in your most pure heart to have a great, bipartisan compromise that truly helps America (even though non in recent times has ever existed), or just someone who wants to do a deal to keep the status quo in power and screw those without the power, centrism in American politics (and anywhere else for that matter) exacerbates and makes political problems in society worse.

More than it not being courageous, centrism actually is just being stubborn and unwilling to argue for ideas that are clearly rational and in the best interest of the American public. In short, once again, centrism is just as much of an ideology as liberal/progressiveism and conservatism.  

Now here we go again with Obama's direct centrism, because he knows how John Boehner can't get all the nuts in his party to understand that they are co-signing on Social Security receiving a cut, something all Republicans and conservatives (or just any non pure Democratic person) dream of despite it being utterly idiotic and insane.

Even Pelosi went on "star centrist personality" Andrea Mitchell's show this past afternoon to not have to hear Mitchell and her Beltway centrist favorite narrative trick, that "both sides are unreasonable and the same"when only one side is actually just that.

She co-signed Obama's centrism, though made sure to highlight how Boehner needed to come up with all the votes in his House to agree with something no Republican true to their insane principles wants to do: Raise any tax especially on their wealthy friends and bosses.

Just a reminder, in case you somehow forgot how nutty these people are and how unwilling they are at raising even one tax, look at Rep. Tim Huelskamp with Al Sharpton demanding that not a single tax get raised on anyone, including of course his rich overlords.

The fiscal curve will happen in my mind with no idiotic "centrist, balance" deals because of how the Republican and conservative philosophy of hating taxes and funding the government they want to participate in is exactly blowing up in their face.

It makes Democrats who propose to cut great programs like Social Security and Medicare look great because they choose to simply placate on the insanity of Republicans instead of also advocating for the right common sense ideas in our dysfunctional American society. They could easily do both, but they chose to only do one sadly.

"Rational centrist" Dems like Obama and Dems closer to being pure in Pelosi, despite dangerously banking on Republican ideology to continue being insane and stupid, know that the Republicans ideology is, well, insane and stupid.

All those on the right yelling at Grover Norquist being irrelevant means nothing, because all of them know that Norquist still represents the key core idea of their ideology: No raised taxes. 

And if taxes are raised, then they are automatically traitors clearly to their unstable and unreasonable  citizens of their party. Their constant barrage of advocating for "no raised taxes" has now placed them in a continued major trap, with the deceptive liars in their party championing that ridiculous idea still unable to control the insane ones of their base forever.

The likes of Markos, Digby, FDL with Dayen, Atrios and every rational person has every correct right to be upset about Democratic leaders once again abandoning core Democratic positions, and if Social Security is cut in any sneaky fashion, even one iota, then everyone across the board in the Democratic Party will deserve outright shame and slamming.

But this is clearly only this writer's thoughts here about how it would go, and the Republicans can't agree on any deal that slams their core idea of no more government bureaucrats taking their money away.

It shows how pathetic our government is when the main two events of how we can't do the right thing for the powerless citizens, and how we highlight the insanity of a nutty party still given undeserved prominence.

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