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Saturday, July 31, 2010

TWD Song of the Week For 7/31/10: The Roots feat John Legend- The Fire (2010)

Never in question what "The Song of the Week" was going to be. Enjoy this great effort again:

Sports Saturday Thread #1 For 7/31/10: The Final Deals Of The Trade Deadline

And here are the particulars on the Cardinals, Padres, and Indians three way deal:
The Cardinals have improved their rotation, the Padres have boosted their batting order and the Indians have pulled in another prospect.

The three teams pulled off a swap mere hours before Saturday's 4 p.m. ET non-waiver Trade Deadline, as right-hander Jake Westbrook and cash was sent from the Indians to the Cardinals, outfielder Ryan Ludwick was dealt from the Cards to the Padres and Double-A right-hander Corey Kluber was sent from the Padres to the Tribe. Minor League lefty Nick Greenwood was shipped from the Padres to the Cardinals.
More about this in a second, but a shrewd move by the Padres, who just seem like the real deal and thensome more and more.

Update: Meanwhile, after getting Lance Berkman yesterday, the Yankees have gotten Kerry Wood from the indians for needed bullpen help. Joba Chamberlain just isn't the same in the 8th inning like he used to be before he went back to being a starter, and Joe Giradi and Brian Cashman knew they needed am extra arm to bridge the gap to the timeless Mariano Rivera.

Octavo Dotel has been traded again in the deadline period, as the now former Pirate heads to the Dodgers for James McDonald.

Live coverage of the deals here at MLB Network.

The Saturday 1st Thread For 7/31/10 (Final Version): The Failure That Is HAMP


After a week of virtual good prodding from David Dayen and Duncan Black, Chris Hayes captured off a great week of hosting "The Rachel Maddow Show" by showing how much of a failure the HAMP program from the Obama Administration has been:

.....And De La Soul:

De La Soul - Roller Skating Jam Named Saturday
Uploaded by Brownsugar18. - See the latest featured music videos.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Friday Night Thread For 7/30/10: Bring In Montell

Be okay folks for the night......Sha-la:

HAHAHA, I Guess Their Goes Their Pulitzer Credibility

People were really giving the National Enquirer credit for documenting how horrible of a husband John Edwards was. Some were even banking on the tabloid heavy organization to get a Pulitzer, which really has diminished in its quality almost as fast as the media who gives out the award.

The National Enquirer was somehow given some respect.

Well, get this, as the ridiculous charges against Al Gore in Oregon today were dropped. Please, get this!
All I am left with is the usual "You Just Can't Make This Stiff Up."

Sports Thread For 7/30/10: The 2010 MLB Trade Deadline

Lance Berkman seems headed to the Yankees, Edwin Jackson gets traded again and returns to the AL Central with the White Sox, the Rangers add to their bench by getting Cristian Guzman from the Nationals, and no word on whether Adam Dunn will leave the DC outfield like his former teammate just did.

The Dodgers were talking to the Cubs about Ted Lilly.

Other than that, no other name is coming to the forefront of the discussion. And with some many teams still in contention (or believing they still have a shot), the biggest deals of Cliff Lee to the Rangers, Roy Oswalt to the Phillies (pitching already tonight for his new team) and potentially Berkman to the Yanks look to be the big mid season deals for 2010.

Stay tuned.

Happy 45th Birthday Medicare And Medicaid

The terrific John Nichols reminds all of us of another glorious birthday for a gem of a program.
Forty-five years ago today, on July 30, 1965, President Lyndon Johnson flew to Independence, Missouri, to mark a milestone in the long struggle to establish health care as a right, not a privilege, for all Americans.

With reporters and photographers surrounding them, Johnson took a place beside former President Harry Truman, who the sitting president thanked for “planting the seeds of compassion and duty which have today flowered into care for the sick and serenity for the fearful.”

With that, Johnson completed the signing of the Social Security Act of 1965, and establishing the universal, single-payer public insurance programs for the elderly and low-income Americans that we know as Medicare and Medicaid.
It was worth the full read and thensome folks.

Happy Birthday indeed folks.

The Flashback Friday #2/The Summer Soul #2 For 7/30/10: Salt N Pepper- Shoop (1994)

Fun summer classic, even if it gets a little out of hand. And notice how DMX is in this video's beginning, haha.

From female standout MC's Salt N Pepper, it's the classic song and hook "Shoop":

The Straight Jacket Award For 7/30/10: Truly A Kentucky Fried Chicken Of A Brain

After a good period of silence in order for him to not blow his race even further, the son of Ron Paul is back to his usual outrageous public stupidity.

Oh is it a fun return indeed:
“People say, ‘Oh those Tea Party people, they’re angry.’ I say: ‘No, they’re concerned and they’re worried.’ They’re worried that we could destroy the currency by adding such a massive debt.” Paul then invoked the Nazis: “In Germany it led to Hitler.
Haha, he mentions the magic word indeed.

Glad to have you back Randy Rand, make sure you keep them coming instead of hiding from the world (and Kentucky voters) seeing how incredibly idiotic you are.

A deserving return to the.....
....Straight jacket Award winners circle.

(H/t as always to the inflammable Digby.)

The Cinema For 7/30/10: "Get Low" Brings Up A Real Low Week

Two brutal movies, one middle of the road, and this summer's latest superb movie are what highlights this week edition of the Cinema.

In one of the more underrated and under hyped movies of the year, "Get Low" staring Robert Duvall and Bill Murray is an absolute winner.

Almost all the critics love it, and it for sure deserving to be mentioned as not only one of the films of the summer, but one of the films of 2010. It's that legit.

Peter Tavers of Rolling Stone :
All you need to know is that Get Low puts Duvall and Murray in the same movie. Only a fool would want to miss that. Murray gets big laughs without skimping on the minute details that build a fully rounded character. And watching Murray spar with Duvall is pure pleasure. By the end of this funny, touching and acutely observed film, shot in Georgia by the gifted cinematographer David Boyd and flavored by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek's bluegrass score, Felix reveals his secret heart. And Duvall, without a word wasted or fumbled, holds you in thrall.

And "At The Movies" explains how its amazing cast is all what the films needs to rely on to flourish.

The one so-so movie that has spilt the critics almost in half is "Dinners With Schmucks", which despite its talented class doesn't have the full plot to live up to it despite the occasional pleasing moments.

Really though, James Berardinelli sums it up perfectly again. This guy is really good:
Director Jay Roach is the man behind two highly successful comedy franchises: working with Mike Myers, he created and helmed the Austin Powers saga, and his collaboration with Ben Stiller resulted in the birth of the Fockers. Certainly, Roach has sufficient credibility in Hollywood to pick and choose his projects, so one wonders why The Dinner Game remake struck his fancy. Perhaps he believed he could do better with an English-language translation, especially with the likes of Steve Carell and Paul Rudd on board. However, as is typically the case with even mediocre foreign comedies, Hollywood remakes rarely improve on the original. At least in this case, it isn't worse.

Now let's get to what makes this an utterly trash week, talented actor Zac Efron is in another movie that is below in his talents in "Charlie St. Cloud." Not much is needed to be said about this debbie downer, as the former Disney star is just way too good for this very subpar movie.

This opinion by Michael Phillips is one of the best summations of a movie ever:
The story's icky, frankly.

And do we really need to go there on "Cats and Dogs?"

Do we? I think not.

That's The Cinema for this week folks......


TIME Magazine's Sad Advocacy For Afghan Nation Building

Just take a look at the cover that brought Richard Stengel great glee to introduce on Mo(u)rning Jo(k)e the other morning:

Gnarling on any rational person's teeth must have been their reaction to this nauseating cover, made even more pathetic by TIME's persistence to indicate how the Taliban will slaughter and annihilate every women in Afghanistan if the United States were to leave soon.

Furthermore, as the terrific Allison Kilkenny indicates, Rangel took umbrage with Joe Biden's opinion on how we are not in the business of nation building, making sure to draw attention to their "oh so powerful" cover.

What Stangel and his corporate propaganda magazine love to indicate is how "They are neutral, they aren't pro or anti war, but wanted to show the reality of the situation."
The much publicized release of classified documents by WikiLeaks has already ratcheted up the debate about the war. Our story and the haunting cover image by the distinguished South African photographer Jodi Bieber are meant to contribute to that debate. We do not run this story or show this image either in support of the U.S. war effort or in opposition to it. We do it to illuminate what is actually happening on the ground. As lawmakers and citizens begin to sort through the information about the war and make up their minds, our job is to provide context and perspective on one of the most difficult foreign policy issues of our time. What you see in these pictures and our story is something that you cannot find in those 91,000 documents: a combination of emotional truth and insight into the way life is lived in that difficult land and the consequences of the important decisions that lie ahead."

But Greg Mitchell has a great rebuttal to that fabricated viewpoint from Stangel:
I have to ask: In Time's mission to really "illuminate what is actually happening on the ground" has it ever put on its cover close-up images of 1) a badly wounded or dead U.S. soldier 2) an Afghan killed in a NATO missile strike 3) an Afghan official, police officer or military commander accepting a bribe from a Taliban war lord?
Not only that, but TIME's upcoming "pro-US and NATO choice to stay in the country" without saying that outright surely won't bring up the civilian killings by our forces or the continued rise of private contractor after contractor (on US taxplayer's dollars) engulfing the region.

In addition, TIME won't bring up how even their overall central point of "protection for the women" has been made even worse by US presence in the country. Bombs near or on civilian homes have not only lead to additional casualties, but, unsurprisingly, also the dispersing of women from their domiciles.

But oh, it's Taliban first, Taliban second, Taliban last, and Taliban only from this magazine's myopic perspective.

Describing just the continued immoral treatment of women by the Taliban is only a small percentage of modern day Afghanistan's intricate story, as some of us are cognizant of that. However, TIME is trying to sway the audience, who receive and trust the usual limited watered down information from a once respectable magazine, still on the fence on this insane war (further highlighted with the news of it being the deadliest month for US troops there).

Again, Mitchell highlights how Stangel and his clowns don't back up their track of providing what is "actually happening on the ground." Instead of a one-sided "Support National Building" report, here is what TIME could have also easily done:
-- A student in a high-tech classroom.

-- Workers streaming into a newly re-opened factory.

-- A poor black or Hispanic woman examined by a doctor in a first-class facility.

-- A returning soldier embraced by his wife and two kids.

-- Solar panels being erected on a huge office building.
But you sure won't see those examples placed on a cover of TIME magazine.

That would be just a little too liberal, too factual, and somehow too anti-war/anti-Pentagon for their liking.

The Flashback Friday #1/The Summer Soul #1 For 7/30/10: Dungeon Family feat Coolbreeze- Watch For The Hook (1998)

Just another memorable song that needs to be elated in Hip Hop history.

Your first Flashback Friday selection of the day, it's the Atlanta classic from The Dungeon Family and Coolbreeze, "Watch For The Hook."

The 1st Thread For 7/30/10: That's Brooklyn For You

That's Weiner for you:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Tube For 5/29/10: Ellen DeGeneres Leave American Idol After One Season

Photo from Reuters
Well, they certainly will be scrambling for people next year, won't they?
There were four "American Idol" judges, then three, and now two.

Fox said Thursday that Ellen DeGeneres is leaving America’s top-rated reality show, effective immediately, meaning she will not appear at the auditions this summer or on the show next winter. She joins Simon Cowell, who departed at the end of season nine in May.
Earlier today, the music thread featured this tidbit about Diddy possibly replacing Simon. Now they will have to fill a second hold.

Could they call upon the services of one Betty White? Only time will tell, though i just threw her name out there to just be ridiculous.

The Fun Thread For 7/29/10 (1st Version): Colbert Hawks Over The Peacocks

Oh did Colbert have a field day with these deficit peacocks folks:
The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
The Word - Ownership Society
Colbert Report Full Episodes2010 ElectionFox News

The annoying phone telephone guy does it again:

A bear that makes Yogi look like the average bear .

(More to come in the Fun Thread.)

The Other Deliveries Thread For 7/29/10 (Final Edition): The ACLU's Powerful Video That Jan Brewer Needs To Probably See

This is a wonderful and powerful effort from the ACLU indeed :

More Deliveries:
Did you happen to see this wonderful news letter that MoveOn sent out to all of its viewers in the continue "Defense of Social Security" campaign.

Via the always delightful Digby, this letter just is a COMPLETE WIN as it can get. It features 5 key myth busting facts to those who hate just helping their fellow American citizens, including...
Myth: Social Security is going broke.

Reality: There is no Social Security crisis. By 2023, Social Security will have a $4.3 trillion surplus (yes, trillion with a 'T'). It can pay out all scheduled benefits for the next quarter-century with no changes whatsoever.1 After 2037, it'll still be able to pay out 75% of scheduled benefits--and again, that's without any changes. The program started preparing for the Baby Boomers retirement decades ago.2 Anyone who insists Social Security is broke probably wants to break it themselves.
It is just full awesomeness to read folks.

The terrific Joe Stiglitz says "We Are Probably Going To Have To Bail Out The Banks Again ."

Just two more SOP classless A-Holes, what a surprise.

You just had to know there would be some scary after effects after what happened with SB1070. Raul Grijalva's office has seen a bullet hit their office .
The partial implementation of the Arizona immigration law, SB1070, began today in earnest, and already we’re seeing the friction between supporters and immigration rights advocates play out. Adam Sarvana, a spokesman for Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), an outspoken critic of the law, just sent out this release:

The Yuma district office of Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva has been closed for the day because of recent vandalism. A shattered window and bullet inside the office were found earlier today. Police are investigating the incident and have not released details about a potential motive. Rep. Grijalva intends to open the office again as soon as possible.

How lovely from Phyllis Schlafly:

And "Tenther" All Star Rick Perry, facing some serious ethic charges, declares that Texas has the best health care in the country.......despite it having the worst uninsured rate.

He is some genius.

Your other deliveries folks.

Music Thread #1 For 7/29/10 (1st Verison): DMX Samples Biggie For A New Song; Britney Has Unreleased Tracks

The runthrough folks:
Photo from Getty Images
Conrad Murray is still on the hook, but these doctors aren't anymore:
The California Attorney General's office has announced that it won't seek charges against seven doctors and one nurse who were under investigation following Michael Jackson's death for prescribing drugs to the King of Pop. A spokeswoman for Attorney General Jerry Brown said that the investigators did not find sufficient evidence, CNN reports. However, one unspecified doctor who knowingly provided drugs to Jackson under one of the star's aliases could be disciplined by the California medical board.

Despite going to jail again soon, DMX has a new song sampling Biggie's Juice called "Time To Get Paid." Here is the AHH snippet.

There are some unreleased Britney songs that are now......released.

Diddy is talking about replacing Simon Cowell at American Idol.

In the midst of the Kanye Twitter take over, the news he broke about naming his next album "Good Ass Job" is definitely news worthy.

And M.I.A. slams Lady Gaga once more, in another fun interview when asked why Oprah was giving her the cold shoulder:
'She was with Iman [Bowie]. Iman was always dancing with me, hugging and kissing me, but Oprah seemed really pissed off with me. Also she made this huge speech at the ball praising Lady Gaga and about how she [Lady Gaga] is helping Americans to be the best of themselves. There's millions of other Americans who represent that for me. Is [it] about numbers? About how much you're selling? Is it truly about the journey? Because [Lady Gaga's] journey isn't that difficult: to go from the fucking Upper East Side to a fucking performing arts school and on to a stage at the museum of fucking wherever. That journey's about four miles.'

(More to come in this music thread.)

Sports Thread #1 For 7/29/10: Roy Oswalt To The Phillies

All that is required is for Roy Oswalt to wave his no-trade clause :
Oswalt is scheduled to pitch for the Astros on Friday at Minute Maid Park, and the both sides are hoping to get the deal done at some point Thursday.

Oswalt is owed about $5 million more this year and is due to make $16 million next season in the last year of his contract, but there's a club option for 2012 that would pay him another $16 million. He said last week the option wouldn't be an issue when it came to approving a trade.

The Astros have scouted Phillies left-hander J.A. Happ's most recent starts, and he likely would be included in the deal.

Wade also personally scouted Philadelphia's Class A Lakewood affiliate earlier this month. First baseman Jonathan Singleton, an eighth-round pick in the 2009 First-Year Player Draft, could be included in the deal. Singleton, 18, is hitting .319 with 12 home runs, 57 RBIs and a .962 on-base-plus-slugging percentage in 248 at-bats.

The Astros have been fielding calls about Oswalt since he informed the team in May he wanted to be traded to a contender. Oswalt said Wednesday he would like to have some time to decide prior to Saturday's 3 p.m. CT non-waiver Trade Deadline if he'd be willing to waive his no-trade clause to accommodate any deals the Astros put on the table.

"I'm hoping it's not going to be dropped on me an hour before the deadline," he said. "Give me a little bit of time to think about it."
Roy Halladay has been an ace, but he has had his share of poor starts this year, while Cole Hamels is having a decent to good bounce back season on his slow progression to try and recapture his 2008 platform.

But after those two, the starting pitching just hasn't been there for the Phillies. Jaime Moyer's nice start has now been overshadowed by how his age is slowing becoming a dilemma, Kyle Kendrick has given up too many hits this year, and Joe Blanton just has not had a good year at all.

A needed change of environment long overdue for Oswalt could be the jolt for the Phillies to continue their good momentum now (on a five game winning streak) to catch the Braves in the NL East (or the forces in the Central and West in the Wild Card race if need be). He will be relieved to final get some run support, as he has been a full victim of the Astros' anemic offense this year. And despite some slums this year, the Phillies' offense always stands a good chance of giving him run support.

And the fact that the Astros have to pay $11 of the $23 million on his contract is also a good move for the two time defending National League champions.

Update: And Oswalt has wave the trade clause, and will officially become a Phillie.

Yesterday Leftovers For 7/29/10: Peter Orztag Didn't Care That The Stimulus Was Too Small

Photo from Lauren Victoria Burke, AP

Not many people gave much attention to what soon to be ex Budget office director Peter Orszag said at the Brookings Institute in his virtual goodbye speech yesterday. There was even a bizarre moment in the half speech/half press conference, where one individual acting like a certified right wing "douche" (not a surprise, it was a LaRouche supporter) by singing in sarcastic glee for the Obama Administration health reform plan.

But besides that extremely peculiar moment that made everyone laugh after that idiot was thankfully removed, Orszag was asked to look back at why the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was smaller than what it should have.

Cue the wonderful centrist response.

"I am as pleased as large as it was, and there was none, 0.00& of it having any chance of it being bigger. A bigger stimulus would have been politically unsuccessful, led to delays, and would have been unsubstantial."

Yes, Orszag said all of that yesterday.

Typical as always, media outlets focused on his talks of the deficit not needing to be reduced, as our idiot media always does.

But this was the real key moment in that session yesterday. Back in February 2009, Arlen Specter was still a Republican in the House of Lords, and their record filibuster tactics were beginning to emerge. They were holding firm on the stimulus despite all the tax breaks in it, and there needed to be Republican votes to pass the stimulus. That is understandable.

But for Orszag to say "he sympathizes with The Left" and then indicate that there was not in a remote, exiguous fervor for making the stimulus bigger is a highlight of "more sad centrist crap half-task work.

More disturbing is how Orszag doesn't even mention the need of a second stimulus right away, or why those tax cuts weren't a real good idea other than barely giving some short term relief to middle class families.

Our budget director, along with everyone else apart of that economic team knew full well that the stimulus was too small. And yet, they did nothing to try and realize it needed to be bigger, or there needed to be a constant wave of it.

That in a nutshell is great centrist policy ladies and gentlemen!

The Break #2 For 7/29/10: Charlie Rangel Cuts Deal To Avoid Embarrassing Trail

Photo from CBS
And the news just keeps on coming, as Charlie Rangel has cut a deal to avoid an ethics probe:
New York Congressman Charles Rangel has reportedly cut a deal to admit to ethical wrongdoing and avoid a potentially humiliating public trial.

Harlem friends of Rangel tell CBS 2 they have been told that the details could be unveiled when the House Ethics Committee meets Thursday afternoon.

It's the culmination of two years of scandal for the 20-term Democratic lawmaker. At issue is whether the former head of the House Ways and Means committee will admit to any serious ethical wrongdoing. Rangel is being charged with misusing his office for fundraising, failure to disclose income, belated payment of taxes and possible help with a tax shelter for a company whose chief executive was a major donor.
And there you go.

The Break For 7/29/10: Shirley Sherrod Will Sue Andrew Breitbart

It's official, Shirley Sherrod will sue Andrew Breitbart for the events of last week, as reported by the Associated Press.

And with Breitbart virtually showing no remorse for his actions still, this is great to see Sherrod pursuing.

The 2nd Thread For 7/29/10: Obama on The View

Photo from Reuters
Another day, another moment where Ed Rendell was wrong again.

The fact that him and a whole bunch of idiots were willing sharing the same sentiment of Karl Rove by saying "It's demeaning to the Presidency" to go on The View are just total certified idiots like they always are.

From pushing back on idiot Elizabeth usual talking right wing points, to still pedaling the same tired line on Afghanistan, it was just a normal session with no major talking point at all.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Fun Thread For 7/28/10 (Final Edition): The Best Leak Ever

The now bearded Jon Stewart with another classic:
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Best Leak Ever
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party

A real sicko of the year candidate:
There are deplorable human beings and then there is Todd Barkau, who trained a 14-year-old girl to be a dominatrix. Not only did he teach her, he also raped and prostituted her on the Internet as a 19- to 20-year-old dominatrix named "Evil Mistress Alisha."

Fun resume mistakes .

App stores are just wack and thensome .

Babe is not the only sensitive pig in the world.

Updated Edition:
10 old school MTV tattoos that don't suck .

Basically .

This eco-friendly chef list is nice and all, but who the hell are these people again?

It really is out of control.

And your Teen Titans episode of the night, the first ever episode, "Divide and Conquer."

And Part 2:

Ummmm, Why Is The Media Helping BP?

It was only a matter of time it appears, but over the last few days, it seems some media outlets are becoming British Petroleum's 2nd Public Relations Group.

Yesterday on CNN, both Rick Sanchez and Anderson "BOTH SIDES DO IT" Cooper asked one of the all time most incompetent and egregious questions ever on American news television, saying to their viewers "Where is all the oil?" In fact, Sanchez went on to have the audacity to inquire, "Why is the left and traditional media outlets asking that question?"

But wait, just when you think that maybe limited to just that "neutral" network's occasional addiction to "neutral do nothing" journalism, this whole memo of inquiring about the location of all that now invisible oil (and even questioning whether the amount of oil dumped into the gulf of BP was actually as much as some people estimated like Cooper did last night) was not just limited to those two.

Just get a load ladies and gentlemen of more corporate media sources doing BP a nice image favor.

From ABC, look how Diana Sawyer embarrasses herself once more:
BP Oil Spill: Clean-Up Crews Can't Find Crude in the Gulf

And this from the AFP:
Gulf focus shifts, but where is all the oil?

And of course, the Murdoch Clown Center:
Gulf Cleanup Chief Needs to Know: 'Where Is All the Oil'?

This unbelievable vantage point that these "journalists" have undertaken on themselves to somehow ask such a stupid question really got the blood boiling of the terrific Mac McClelland.

The Mother Jones human rights reporter has been one of the few bright spots in this historic mess, breaking news on gulf developments and the people most affected by BP's royal "F--k up" that no major outlet is doing themselves.

And the now frequent visitor on Countdown had a very stern word on seeing her colleagues in the field act as semi spokespeople for the oil company:
"WASHINGTON (AFP) – With BP's broken well in the Gulf of Mexico finally capped, the focus shifts to the surface clean-up and the question on everyone's lips is: where is all the oil?"

NEW ORLEANS (Mother Jones) – I don't know who the fuck these everyones are, but I'm happy to help out them, and ABC, and this AFP reporter writing that due to BP's stunningly successful skimming and burning efforts, "the real difficulty now is finding any oil to clean up."

I sent one text message to Bloomberg's Lizzie O'Leary, who's standing on Grand Isle, Louisiana, right now, asking how the beach looks. "Lower part past the barrier untouched with globs of oil that washed up last night," she said. By "untouched," she means by cleanup crews, and that "barrier" she's talking about is the one the press isn't allowed past. I sent another text to Drew Wheelan, who's also in Southwestern Louisiana, doing bird surveys for the American Birding Association, asking him how big the biggest tar mat on Grand Terre—the scene of those now famous horrifying oiled-bird photos—is. "20 feet by 15," he said. "But bigger ones submerged slightly."

It's BP's job to whitewash this story and make it easier to indulge the desire to forget about the scope of the devastation, guys. Not the media's.
I can say enough how appropriate McClelland's impassioned tone was here, as it has been throughout this entire disaster.

That is a far far cry from the Diana Sawyers and Anderson Coopers of the world, who once again preach to "Keeping them honest", but can't even keep themselves honest at days end for the sake of actual journalism.

The Domestic For 7/28/10: Crack Cocaine Sentences Narrow Closer To Raw Cocaine Rulings

Something that would have never been done under a Republican Administration, that's for sure. Clearly great news, especially for the minority community :
Congress has changed a quarter-century-old law that has sent tens of thousands of blacks to prison for crack cocaine convictions while giving far more lenient treatment to those, mainly whites, caught with the same amount of the drug in powder form.

House passage of what was called the "fair sentencing act" sends the legislation to President Barack Obama for his signature.

The measure alters a 1986 law, enacted at the height of the crack cocaine epidemic, under which a person convicted of crack cocaine possession gets the same mandatory prison term as someone with 100 times the same amount of powder cocaine.

The legislation reduces that ratio to about 18-to-1.
This is one clear example, at the very least, of some "Obamanism" changing "Reaganism". Though the ratio is still a gap that needs to be narrowed more, this is massive progress, with big credit going to Dick Durbin on this one.

This just sums it up how long this has been a mind blogging irrational and racist problem in this country, as well as the obvious and right courage to alter this draconian law:
Julie Stewart, president of Families Against Mandatory Minimums, said 28 grams is about what the average crack dealer might carry around.

She said politicians and sentencing commissions have for years acknowledged the unfairness of the system, "but no one wanted to look soft on crime." The legislative change, she said, is "much more about being smart on crime."

And here is the full information on the bill for your viewing pleasure:
Information on the bill, S. 1789, can be found at http://thomas.loc.gov
U.S. Sentencing Commission: http://www.ussc.gov/
Families Against Mandatory Minimums: http://www.famm.org/

Sports Thread For 7/28/10 (Final Version): Another Whining Big Wig Idiot & MLS All Star Game Wrap

Just like with "Subprime Dan" Gilbert's embarrassing tirade towards LeBron James egressing from Cleveland, here is another top level office official making himself look like a whining fool (and hypocrite) for your very eyes to see.

It is Toronto Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo in full whinny kid mode, bringing up dirt on Chris Bosh just because he is upset he left him for LeBron, Dwade, and Miami.
"Despite limited swelling and any excessive damage on an MRI, he felt like he needed to sit for six more games ... I'm not even questioning Chris' injury. I'm telling you he was cleared to play subject to tolerance on his part, and the tolerance just apparently wasn't there and he chose not to play," Colangelo said.

"The fact that our season was spiraling downward and we were hoping he'd come back sooner and we were also dealing with a few other things at that point ... we were really struggling there."

Colangelo thinks that Bosh just didn't care by then.

"Whether he was mentally checked out or just wasn't quite into it down the stretch, he wasn't the same guy. I think everybody saw that, but no one wanted to acknowledge it."

"At the same time, I never felt we were quite in the game [in terms of signing Bosh to a new contract]. There was too much out there, too much built up for him to take an easy out here, and he decided to do that."
Colangelo is nothing but a shameful fraud here, just like Gilbert (except thankfully without doling out shady mortgage loan deals).

If you felt that Bosh was a player who quit on your team or didn't give the maximum effort to lead them into the playoffs down the stretch, then why did you even think about resigning him in the first place or give any thought to it?

Colangelo would have never said this publicly if Bosh returned to Toronto, simple as that. And it sure is a sign of a new day in the NBA, where we see all of these big shot owners, general managers, and high level office execs look like immature clowns.

Updated Version at 12:37 AM:
MLS stupidly had their All Star Game tonight, a night after (and during) their teams participation in the all important CONCACAF Champions League competition, where the Los Angeles Galaxy (the league's best team by far this year) got embarrassed 4-1 by the, get this, Puerto Rico Islanders at home!

Not only was that humiliating loss still stinging, but the fact that Landon Donovan and Edson Buddle had to play most of that match means they were virtually unavailable tonight against Manchester United in the All Star Game.

It was MLS worst result by far in this All Star Game format, a 5-1 dubbing to a determined Manchester United squad abashed themselves after losing 2-1 to the Kansas City Wizards this past Sunday.

More on the MLS viewpoint in a second, but here is an appreciation for Javier "Chicarito" Hernandez's first goal of what should be many (or at least hopefully) for the Red Devils.

It was a beautiful goal to see:

And no John Harkes, he was on side.

Hernandez is excellent at making great runs and staying right onside, which is absolutely precociois for a young forward. He just has all the makings to be a class striker in the world, and hopefully he will have that little bit of luck to consolidate that lofty stature.

But back to a second disappointing evening for MLS (though to be fair, Toronto FC won their opening Champions league game last night). Though Don Garber has been a real good commissioner for this league (In fact, he arguably is the best American commissioner in all of domestic sports), his decision to still have this game in mid week, when it easily conflicts with the regional Champions League, is not a good move at all.

As mentioned earlier, not only were Donovan and Buddle unavailable thanks to last night's embarrassment, but so too was Dwayne DeRosario and anyone else from the Seattle Sounders who had to play their Champions League match tonight.

It's a total "lose-lose" for MLS, the last few days. Garber has to move the All Star Game back to Saturday and push the schedule a week more so this conflict won't occur again.

For all the joys of beating Manchester United and Manchester City, along with playing well against Celtic and possibly Real Madrid and Inter Milan in the next month, it is even more essential for MLS teams to start performing up to their level in their premiere regional club competition. It is the only true way that MLS will be able to reach the heights Mexican Apertura/Clasura and maybe one day both the Brasilero and the Argentine Apertura/Clasura

The best team in the league, with World Cup stars, experienced veterans, and rising young players should not be losing badly at home to a second division club in this competition (they shouldn't even be losing at all).

There is no excuses whatsoever for MLS when they don't handle their scheduling correctly as well as lose to second division teams.

The Straight Jacket Award #1 For 7/28/10: Lord, He Is In His Own State Of Mental Incapacity

He continues to bury himself in a level of demented that even Jim DeMint can't even reach. I don' even understand how TPM was able to not laugh in his face:
Last night, in an interview with TPMDC, Lord defended himself and extended his critique of Sherrod, and the entire Democratic party, which he claims is the true repository of racism in the United States.

"I have felt for a long time that my friends on the American left, in the Democratic party have just had this atrocious history with racial issue," Lord said. "I mean it just can't possibly be any worse. I've gone back and read all the platforms for the Democratic party starting in 1840 which was the first one."

What's changed in the last generation, according to Lord, is simply the nature of the Democratic party's racism.

"What struck me about [the Sherrod speech] was that sort of little, casual aside, where she says something about health care, and 'I've never seen people so mean' ... The implication is -- and she uses the phrase at one point 'the black president' and 'we endured the Bush years'. And the implication to me was that she was saying 'if you didn't agree with Obamacare then you're a bigot,'" Lord said. "The essence of the formula is 'scare race X to death that race Y or Z is coming after them in some fashion, and then, you know, you get all the votes and the money, etc, etc, etc. And that all that's gone on over a couple years of history of the Democratic party is that the races have changed."
At this pace, tomorrow, I expect him to call Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglas "racists".

Mr Lord, furthering his.....
....Straight Jacket Hall of Fame credentials.

The Break For 7/28/10: Judge Blocks Portion Of SB 1070 (Updated)

The news is breaking in on the Judge blocking some parts of the controversial SB 1070 law, including this:
That portion of the law is not going into effect.

Violation of federal control of the law was the key determining point in this controversial issue, as the 11 Amendment looks to be the key determining factor.

CNN's Jeff Tobin has indicated that this looks destined to go to SCOTUS next year.

Update: Clearly not happy over Susan Bolton siding with the Obama Administration, Arizona's insane leader lashed out and said "The Fight is not over."

Here is the full decision if you want to read folks.

The Album Sales Review For 7/28/10: Eminem Tops The Charts For A 5th Straight Week As Rick Ross Flops Once More

It looks like the Detroit legend will stay number one for another week incredibly, while disappointment and hard times are ahead for another flop CD from the former officer. Too funny:
Eminem makes it five weeks in a row at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 as "Recovery" sells another 187,000 (down just 4%), according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Rick Ross' "Teflon Don" arrives in the runner-up spot with 176,000. Ross' last three studio albums all debuted at No. 1, with his last set, 2009's "Deeper Than Rap," arriving with 158,000. The opener for "Teflon" is Ross' best sales week since 2008's "Trilla" arrived with 198,000.
Less than even "Trilla?"

With all of those guest appearances on that virtual compilation album, this has to be devastating to the Rick Ross camp and those that hyped him endlessly, figuring that all of this ridiculous momentum would lead to a bigger fan base buying his poser crap.

Instead, more money has been shelved out for virtually the same result, leading to yet another poor flop in the industry this year.

I guess no one from the Gotti family contributed to the purchase of that album.

And speaking of a disappointing opening week, Sheryl Crow is certainly none to please with how her star has faded:
The Billboard 200's second-highest debut is Sheryl Crow's "100 Miles From Memphis," which starts at No. 3 with 55,000. It's the singer's eighth top 10 album. All of her releases -- save for one live set from 1999 -- have reached the top 10. The singer/songwriter's last effort, "Detours," debuted and peaked at No. 2 with 92,000 in 2008. It was her fourth set to peak at No. 2; she has yet to claim a No. 1 album.
But I can assure you that despite having less than 100,000 of her album sold in comparison to Ross' CD, she may have recouped almost as much of the money for her "100 Miles From Memphis" release as Ross did for his latest flop.

Giving The Insensitive Nutcase Another "W"

No remorse , and not a care in the world:

And this:

And he still freely claims that Sherrod is "the racist:

But sadly, the insane thing he says about the black farmers sentiment brings me back to the worst bill of 2010:

Well, the "fradulent" settlement never went down, because it was stripped out of the final supplemental bill that passed last night in the House.

So Breitbart's motivation to not only make the NAACP, but the added bonus of making sure a long overdue settlement for black farmers was derailed heighten his desire to ruin lives again like the heartless psycho that he is.

That is what painfully happens when you give a platform to the mentally bizarre and unstable.

Music Wakeup Call/The Summer Soul #1 For 7/28/10: Lyfe Jennings-Statistics (2010)

Lyfe makes me laugh with "These Female Advice" songs......your morning wakeup for the day:

The Sleep Time And Rise "n" Shine Thread For 7/27-28/10 (1st Edition): Kanye At Facebook

And nope Tech Crunch, he actually didn't diss Twitter....he just mentioned them.

Smart for him to go to Facebook to ensure sales for the next album at the very least :

To Tevin, later:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The House of Folds For 7/27/10: The Worse Bill Of The Year Is Passed

As documented earlier this morning, the Afghan war supplemental, with needed funding for teachers, summer youth jobs, and the black farmers settlement that the Obama Administration supposedly settled on their end in February stripped out, passed the House in resounding fashion by the final total of 308-111.

Th bill was already dreadful on the basis of it continuing the funding of an insane war. But its already toxic nature was made further pestilent and awful with how how the House of Lords decided to take all of those needed things out of the bill.

So take a look once more at all of those 148 Democrats who voted with all but 12 people from the nutcase party to keep on funding our efforts to somehow fight fellow NATO allies among our epic struggle after struggle over there .

And know today that this nation's Congressional figures thought it once more pertinent to deliver money to a foreign money than its desperately in need people here at home.

Oh, and get this lovely little tidbit about why that extra domestic spending for those needy things listed above was finally left out for good :
The Senate last week sent a $58.8 billion supplemental spending bill back to the House after rejecting an additional $22 billion in domestic spending included in an earlier House version of the bill. The House funding for domestic programs, including education, triggered a veto threat from the White House over the offsets devised to pay for those programs.
I guess the White House was none to please about that money for teachers, lest it mess up their rosy charter school education plan!

The worst legislation of the year ladies and gentlemen, unless you are with the Pentagon or an avid supporter of charter schools.

Update: Just to highlight the full absurdity of the bill, look at what is still written as its final description
BILL TITLE: Making emergency supplemental appropriations for disaster relief and summer jobs for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2010, and for other purposes
But summer jobs got stripped out the bill (and what good would it have made with the whole summer basically over anyway).

Our dysfunctional government, even in the House, there in a dire nutshell.

The Fun Thread For 7/27/10 (Final Edition): Make Sure That Your Trailer Fits

Not the smartest move, but real funny:

And great trailer for this "Sucker Punch" movie that had better not suck:

Trailer for Zack Snyder's 'Sucker Punch' - Watch more horror

A Battleship film staring Rihanna is coming down in the works. Wait, starring?? Yup.

If you have a Jellyfish's eyes, you are a lucky animal .

An interesting sponsor for marijuana legalization push .

The Original Jobs of Small Dogs .

This did happen somewhere today .

And so damn true about Kirby.....I guess we are an angry country after all:

Finally, this is the start of The Fun Thread's Teen Titans Fest, featuring episodes of one of the funniest and most enjoyable cartoons of the last decade.

And we take it back to their Season 1 episode 2, titled "Sisters."

Oh what fun. Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Your Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun thread of the day.

The House Of Lords For 7/27/10: The Vote To Have Cloture On The DISCLOSE Act Fails

The Republicans sure don't like transparency don't they? The members of the nutcase party all stayed in line and voted against even cloture, cloture folks, for the already watered down but still nevertheless important DISCLOSE ACT.

57-41 was the final vote, with Harry Reid having to vote against it in order to have it be brought back to the floor later in the week.

At least their is no Democrats to blame this time, outside of Mr. LIE-Berman being absent.

The Straight Jacket Award For 7/27/10: "Lord This Lord" Is A Racist Fool And A Half

The new nadir setter for the week is without a question this nut, who continues to rub salt in the wounds of the grave of Shirley Sherrod and her murderer father.

This fool, who was apart of the Reagan Administration, shows his racist insanity by having the mental incapacity to claim that Sherrod lied about her father's death, declaring that it wasn't a lynching.

It is beyond the thought of just calling this man a "crazy loon." He is just a point blank despicable individual who not only has no heart for minorities, no heart for just being human.

He has been well slammed all over online yesterday and today (since he went to defend himself again today ), and was so bad that even his colleagues at that joke of a place distanced themselves from him.

Lord has went from a guy that I didn't know, to one who is a prominent contender of
....The Straight Jacket Award for the entire year.

This one you can't even laugh at one bit, because his bastard pieces are nothing short by depressing to even belief.

Sports Thread #1 For 7/27/10 (1st Version): Jack Tatum Has Passed At 61

One of the legends of the game, especially at the safety position, has passed away just now at age 61:
Jack Tatum, one of the most feared tacklers in NFL history, died Tuesday, his alma mater, Ohio State University, announced. He was 61.

"We have lost one of our greatest Buckeyes," Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel said in a statement. "When you think of Ohio State defense, the first name that comes to mind is Jack Tatum. His loss touches every era of Ohio State players and fans."

Tatum was a two-time All-American at Ohio State, where he began his career as a running back before moving to safety. The Oakland Raiders selected Tatum in the first round of the 1971 NFL Draft and he spent nine seasons with the team. He finished his NFL career with the Houston Oilers in 1980.

Tatum made three Pro Bowls during his 10-year career. He is a member of the Ohio State and college football halls of fame.
TWD Condolences are in store for this Raiders legends, as certainly their fan base will reminiscence on how much of a feared enforcer he was.

Tough news for fans of one of the best centers in the sport (and nicest guys as well):
Houston Rockets center Yao Ming is considering quitting basketball after next season if he doesn't fully recover from his lingering foot injury.

In comments to Chinese state media Monday, Yao sounded far from optimistic about his future and also made a rare criticism of China's national basketball program.

"If the foot injury does not heal next season, I might choose to call it quits," he said.
The battle for Iiya Kovalchuck contract continues:
The National Hockey League Players' Association filed a grievance on behalf of Ilya Kovalchuk on Monday in hopes of getting his League-rejected 17-year contract restored by an independent arbitrator.

The PA had until 5 p.m. ET Monday to file the grievance.

"The NHLPA has filed a grievance disputing the NHL's rejection of the Standard Player Contract between the New Jersey Devils and Ilya Kovalchuk," NHLPA spokesperson Jonathan Weatherdon wrote in a statement released just before 1:30 p.m. ET. "Under the terms of the CBA, the NHLPA and Mr. Kovalchuk are entitled to an expedited resolution of this matter. The NHLPA will have no further comment until this matter has been resolved by an Arbitrator."

They can't even agree on damn sports :
The once-routine resolutions honoring hometown squads or stars sailed through Congress for years with nary a discordant note or vote — but no more.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is steamed that a resolution he introduced on June 30 praising the University of South Carolina baseball team for winning the 2010 College World Series is stuck in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"It's a sad day when the Senate can no longer even come together for this purpose," Graham told McClatchy. "Is it any wonder why the public has such a dim view of the way Congress is operating?"

Despite a great return to the ATP World Tour, the Atlanta Tennis Championship may not return not year, because of....golf ?
Oakes told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that a potential schedule conflict with golf's PGA Tour may stop the event from being held there next season. "We’re trying to figure it out," he said. "We want to bring the tournament back and we begin working towards 2011 on Monday."

The tournament had an overall attedance of 40,000, including two sellout sessions
Yeah, those folks did not plan that out very well at all. They should have know how to dealt with

And a lovely tribute to longtime NY sportswriter Vic Zeigel, who passed away this week.

Don't Fall Into The "Calling Them Racist" Trap

This will explain my full point in this thread:

The legend that is KingEyeOn continued the momentum of the "Fox is racist" viewpoint that Howard Dean replaced into the talking heads conscious on Sunday with yet another classic thread from him earlier today.

The evidence is clear as delight that at the very least, the Murdoch Clown Network are total cowards and piously ignorant to being able to have any smart opinion on race issues in America and anywhere else.

Most of them will probably never understand the full events and emotional ramifications of minority history in this country, or at least those not apart of Goldline Dreck's peculiar lineup of black Republicans and their bimonthly appearances on that show.

There are only two black correspondents that even appear on the Conservative Insane Network (Lord knows why Columbia Professor Marc Lamont Hill still goes on that network as much as he does), one black reporter named Wendell Gibson, and no black anchors (at least from what I see) currently on their roster. And only Hill and Juan Williams even appear on O'Liely or the Insanity one appear on a regular occurrence.

The rush to call Shirley Sherrod a racist by the Loofah one and Big Chin last Monday night was evident for all to see, further giving more validity to the belief hailed by many that "Fox is racist."

But you see, just with what the Tea Party does when someone calls them a "racist" outright, when we called the RNC's dictators and press agents "racist" so freely, it gives them the excuse to vociferate "LOOK, ANOTHER LIBERAL ATTACK ON US FROM BEING DIFFERENT THEN THEM" over, and over, and over again.

Moreover, it then brings the rest of their corporate media friends that they attack at every chance they get to even bring up the question "Is Fox News racist?" They'll have a forum of typical one on one nonsense, resulting in mendacious nuts like Tony Blankley accusing "both sides" of using the race card so easily like he did yesterday on the Ed Show (in a segment where I have to admit that Ed was poor in, which hasn't been the case on many occasions).

Saying Fox is racist, even if it is true, is just giving them the pathetic strategy to then yield the "victim" card like those D- actors will do at anytime. It will let their idiot lackey tea baggers (in my Ken Buck voice) join them in indicating "We can't have an honest conversation on race" when they don't give a total damn about even having a simple kitchen table colloquy on it.

This is why I can't compliment Ben Jealous and the NAACP enough (before they then screwed up by backing Tom Vilsack and the White House) for making sure that they clearly said "some racist elements" instead of going the full tilt on the "Complain about taxes but don't know that they got a tax break" crowd.

Because when you call them outright "racist", you give them their full wish of then countering that you have no full 100% evidence of them being so. They will lie and play dumb, claiming that you are the irrational one for playing the race card when they are just focusing on the issues and not the skin color. And they will try to milk the victim card to discredit you as a person who won't use the whole entire facts to form a fair public sentiment.

Keep the focus on how much of a propaganda clown network Murodch and Roger Ailes lackeys are. Because when you call them what they probably are on the inside, they will make sure to bluster on the outside that you are attacking them with no full evidence of such.

Don't fall into their sneaky trap.

Music Thread #1 For 7/27/10: A Lot of Albums Released Today, But Not Many Standous

A lot of albums are being released today, though none of them are artist of upmost terrific significance.

There are truly some artists that came out of nowhere with releases, with Fat Joe ("Darkside"), Fantasia ("Back To Me"), and Dru Hill ("Independence Day") being amongst them.

Professor Green, The Shimmies, Avenged Sevenfold, and Kimberly Caldwell (haven't heard that name in years) are also releasing today.

Either way, when the results come in for next Wednesday, I really think we are in store for another dire chart review. No one releasing this week is on the rise or at the top of the game, leading for a lot of below 100k estimates.

The 2nd Thread/Yesterday's Leftovers For 7/27/10: Put It All Right Back In The House Of Lords

The House of Lords exhibited how they don't care about the downtrodden and the middle class once again last Thursday, as they stripped needed Supplemental Appropriations out of that lovely war funding bill set to past soon with no challenge.

Those wonderful appropriations that the House of Lords deemed not worthy of their support include essential aid for teachers and that USDA settlement with black farmers that has been long overdue .

Back in February, the Obama Administration settled the $1.5 billion lawsuit with black farmers .

But now, thanks to all the members of the nutcase party, as seven uncaring Democrats practiced their inner Republican once again in full daylight, those integral pieces to an already terrible bill are gone.

Bayh (typical), Begich (man, has he casted some terrible votes in his short time), Bennett (a growing fraud), Carper (but he will love his banking friends though), Landrieu (same old same old), McCaskill (a fake), Pryor, Warner (what a disappointment), and Mr "Whites Get Discriminated" in Webb were all the Democrats who voted like unsympathetic Republicans last Thursday.

All the prominent House Democrats need to hold these clowns accountable and shove this otherwise pathetic bill back in the throats of the House of Lords.

The bill is already awful enough with the continued funding of an insane war. But without this addition funding for crucial domestic things, it will be in my mind the worse legislation this year.

Update: David Obey will vote against the funding bill.

Updated 2 at 6:35 PM: It's official, the House has passed the worse bill of the year, by a total of 308-111. More to come in a full write up folks.

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