The 1st Thread For 9/13/10: Normalizing The Crazy The Best They Can

The son of Tim Russert surely asserted his growing rule in our modern day Jokenalism, trying to make a crazy rich man seem like a down to Earth wholesome guy on Mo(u)rning Jo(k)e.

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He had 11 other siblings. He played football. He was bossy and swept the floor at a restaurant.

Yes, that qualifies him fully as a man who represents the values of middle class Americans. Even if he supports policies that continue to ship middle class jobs overseas to foreign nations, supports tax cuts only for rich folks like him, and wants to gut and eviscerate any government program that benefits the middle class among many out of touch insane things, he is just a regular good ol' mid-American boy that could be the next Speaker of the House.

Yup, nothing about his limited worldwide, nothing about his constant love of golfing, nothing at all about the fool that he is now.

And oh, did we mentioned it took 7 years for him to finish college!

That's all I need to know how Mr. Tang Tan is just like me and you. The only thing else I need to know about him is if he breathes oxygen or the gas of mentally destabilizing toxics.
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