Their "Moderates" Even Hate "Social Justice"

Certified world class liar Judd Gregg's biggest problem with Elizabeth Warren's potential new role:
"My concern is that she would use the agency for the purpose of promoting social justice," Gregg said on ABC's "Top Line" webcast. The agency, Gregg said, should promote improving access to credit, as well as other financial services.
This retiring arrogant clown really exemplifies how those supposedly "moderate" people in the Sad Obnoxious Party (and in all of Washington actually) really aren't moderate at all.

They only have a thought for "Me, Myself, and I", and Gregg exemplifies that very mindset to the highest (or lowest, depending on how you see it) level.

In fact, to further dive into how Gregg's comment on Warren really does reverberate, let's fully remember the clout Gregg has before he thankfully leaves from office in a few months' time.

Gregg is the ranking member of The House of Lords' (The Senate) Budget Committee, and the senior member of its Banking Committee. He somehow was thought of to be moderate enough to apart of the Obama Administration, but turned that down knowing he wanted to keep his power as a ruthless Senator. And his good buddy Kent Conrad was so eager to create that Deficit Commission with him that utterly failed that inspired President Obama to make one on the side now featuring lovable Mr. Alan Simpson, another person rushed to be thought of as reasonably minded by those elite we know.

All of those factors make Gregg the prototypical Republican considered "moderate". And yet, this "moderate" Republican indicates how he doesn't like the moderate, rational thing that is "social justice."

As every insane quote from Ms. Delaware Darling continues to emerge, people will somehow start thinking folks like Gregg and Mike Castle as grown up and reasonable. But both Glenn Greenwald and Duncan Black make a salient point on how it is not a breaking news phenomenon of insane Republicans sprouting on our peripheral.

Today's vote on the finally passed Small business lending bill indicates just that, with every single Republican besides George Voinovich and Scott LeMieux voting against a payed-for watered down bill with some Republican ideas for it.

Despite their undisputed love for small businesses, they voted against a bill providing needed facilitation for small businesses.

So while the O'Donnell one gets all the pub just because she can't hide her out of this world sentiments as well as someone like Gregg, always never forget how those seasoned established figures in that party are really just as mentally unstable as their new gregarious loons.

And they, from the tea baggers to the "moderates", will all fear the threat of "social justice", even if that is an important part of a functioning, just society.
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