The Atlas For 9/21/10: Another Day, Another Painful US Drone Strike In Afghanistan

Photo from EPA
Another day, another insane drone strike in Pakistan by the US:
Three strikes by US drones have killed at least 28 people in the tribal region in South Waziristan.

Reporting for Al Jazeera from Islamabad, Kamal Hyder said that the first attack took place near Angor Adda along the Pakistan Afghan border.

"We have reports that at least seven people, who were killed in that strike, were moved to another location in the Azam Warsak region, where a funeral was arranged and that funeral also came under attack," said Hyder.

It's UN "Peace Day" apparently.

But this Peace Day won't make Israel sign onto the Non-Proliferation Treaty that Arab states want them to do at the International Atomic Energy Agency Annual Agency Conference in Vienna.

Not thinking about peace however are extremist groups, who have seen their website traffic receive a sharp growth.

Over the last two years, Cuba has been trying to grow its own food after rallying so much on other countries for imported sustenance.

For the 4th time in not even the last two years, Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo has fired his top military leaders.

From a few days ago, a recovering Michael Ware talks about his former network, CNN, refused to air video of US soldiers shooting an innocent boy in the head in Iraq.

The turmoil filled week in Somalia grows as Prime Minister Sharmarke resigned today, as well as a report linking the country as the worst place to go to school in the world.

And for the National holiday, only one country today has September 21 marked on their calendar for celebration of officially becoming a country. And that is young Malta, celebrating its 46th birthday.
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