The 1st Thread For 9/10/10: Special ED-ucation Needed For CNN's Henry In Obama Press Conference

Besides the usual hammering the obstructionist nutcases, being ardent in defending Muslim rights in this country, and even having to ask a question about Guantanamo Bay (good on you Ann Compton) ask to him, President Obama in his press conference had one moment that certainly caught my eye.

And exhibited how much of a joke our modern day thing masquerading as journalism is.

Ed Henry added to his idiot highlight reel, asking Obama, "If you don't be able to capture Osama bin Laden, would it be a failure of your Administration on foreign policy in the midst of going after and fighting terrorists?"

Obama was probably as perplexed as most who have truly payed attention to whether the current Administration has gone hard after terrorists to hearing Henry offer up another pathetic press corps catastrophe.

Simply put, the Administration has already killed more Al Qaeda operatives in its time in office than the entire Bush Administration did in their forgettable tenure, with its immoral civilian drone bombing taking place in Pakistan a key reason for being hard on terrorists.

But typical Ed Henry just wanted to reiterate the "Obama isn't tough on terror" bull that permeates still in our sad discourse.

A discourse that of course allows a hack like henry to continue asking questions that have already long been answered.
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