The House Of Lords For 9/23/10: Close On The Disclose Act Again (Update: The House Passes The Small Business Bill)

For a second time this year, the DISCLOSE Act has failed to pass in the House of Lords.

59-39 was the final total, as a disclipine party line vote was the end result. Even Ben Nelson decided to not buck his party for another rare moment, deciding to stay with the Democrats on this bill.

Nevertheless, as always the case, no Republicans wanted to vote in favor of the bill, adhering to their corporate overloads at the sacrifice of the American people once more.

Not a surprise, but just another routine day in the most dysfunctional and anti-democratic chamber known to modern day human being.

Update: In more positive news, the House got out the Small Business bill, as that is now passed onto to President Obama for signature.
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